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Personal Achievements

From Ambassador to Emperor

Achieve a Diplomatic Victory

The only way is up

Achieve an Ascendency Victory

Bow before your ruler

Achieve a Sceptre of Kri Victory

Need a larger vault

Achieve an Economic Victory

There can be only one

Achieve a Domination Victory

Made it out alive

Achieve a Survival Victory

Brave new world

Colonize a planet

Space invader

Invade an enemy colony

Master Politician

Have a Council member reach level 5

Happy Anniversary

Reach your first year in the game

Divine intervention

Win a game in any victory condition in the Divine difficulty mode

Tenacious Troublemaker

Start your first war

The persuader

Get 20 Influence


Have 3.0 Productivity in any colony

To infinity and beyond

Finish the Stars and Beyond Era

Fall of an empire

Finish the The First Great War Era

There are no winners here

Finish The Sython Domain Era

Peace in our time

Finish the A Time for Peace Era

An uneasy truce

Finish the The Calm Before The Storm Era

Here we go again

Finish the The Second Great War Era

Not in the nick of time

Finish the Towards a New Plane of Existence Era

Close to eternal midnight

Finish the A New Dawn Era

Alien obliterator

Destroyed a Space Creature

One for humanity

Win a game with the Terran Union

Dead poets society

Win a game with the Kalzur Federation

Holy smoke

Win a game with the Ynan Commonwealth

Fifty shades of grey

Win a game with the Orolith Confederation

The Republic Strikes Back

Win a game with the Ulkar Republic

Powers of persuasion

Win a game with the Sython Collective

Taking advantage

Win a game with the Aethis Conglomerate

Taking out the trash

Win a game with the Drekkos Order

Moving up the ranks

Have a unit reach Colonel rank

Manic Miner

Mine a resource deposit

Discovery channel

Survey an item of interest