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Unlocked Nov 30, 2017 @ 1:13pm

Welcome To Everspace


Getting Somewhere

Reach sector 3.

Getting Closer

Reach sector 4.

Onwards And Upwards

Reach sector 5.

Almost There

Reach sector 6.

The Way You're Meant To Die

Reach the lab.

Better Off Dead

Reach the lab on "Hard" difficulty.

Proud Owner

Buy a new ship.

Getting Sidetracked

Complete all challenges.

Mr. Robot

Collect all subroutines.

Mr. Ancient

Collect all glyphs.

Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Kill 1000 enemies.

No Time To Die

Reach the lab in less than an hour.

Fly, My Lovely

Have 5 or more drones working for you at the same time.


Accumulate 500 scrap in a single run.

Friggin' Awesome

Destroy an Okkar Frigate.

Perked Up

Max out all pilot perks.


Get all perks for the Interceptor, the Scout or the Gunship.

Enhanced Victory

Finish a run having both the Predetermination and Sensory Overload enhancements equipped.

Getting Started

Reach sector 2.

Quid Pro Quo

Complete all tasks for Tareen.

Weird Science

Complete all tasks for Throng.

Nobody Expects The Coalition

Help the Coalition become a force to be reckoned with.

And That's That

Decide Karlie's Fate.

Tuned To The Max

Max out all perks for the Colonial Sentinel.

Gooey Mess

Feed a Green Goo until it bursts.


Have a primary weapon other than the Ancient Weapon installed that does more than 200 shield or hull dps.

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