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Personal Achievements

Add Astra

Add Astra as a Spacebook friend

Win Friends & Influence Aliens

Get a 'like' on a Spacebook status or post

A Resounding Success

Host a Spacebook event for 3 or more people, where everyone turns up.

A Station-ary Romance

Maintain a single romantic relationship for 21 days. What commitment!

The Prime Dir-ex-tive

Get back together with a former romantic partner.

Up The Ziggurat...

Get hired for a job at least 3 ranks above your Career Rank, without being properly qualified.


Get at least four likes on any Spacebook post you make.

Starship-Cross'd Lovers

Your romantic partner was killed on an away mission


Have at least 6 different items from the S.H.O.P. in your inventory

A Certain Captainly Reputation

Get into more than 8 different romantic relationships in a single playthrough

Carried Away

Win the game with away missions frequency setting at highest

A Doctored Outcome

Win the game with holodoctor intervention setting at highest

A Fully Armed And Aspirational Battlestation

Achieve 4 aspirations in a single playthrough

Careering Through Space

Win the game by getting to the top of the career tree.

A Hive of Scum & Villany

Win the game through the 'bribery' route.

Schmooze Criminal

Win the game by making friends with the right people.

The Cling On Warrior

Win the game by maintaining a romantic relationship with the right person.

Impressive Lobes

Win the game by buying your way off the station.

In Space, No-one Can Hear You Scheme

Win the game through two different routes.

Social Networking, But Not as We Know It

Win the game through all 5 different routes.