Previous teams:
First team I ever joined, forgot name. - Steel - Sub Sniper - Didn't get to play, silent remove
Scrappy Do Attitude - Steel - Main Sniper - left because of internet rip'd, didn't get to play
Aesthetic Animals - Steel - Main Soldier - Died before season
TBD - Silver - Main Soldier - Also died before season QQ

Current team:
S25 Big Brain Plays (4-2) - Steel - Main Demo

Previous Teams:

Current Team:
S27 Party Boys (5-2) - Steel - Main Medic

Previous Teams:

Current Team:
S14 Offclassing To Mid (2-4) - Steel - Main Soldier
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shitty quote wall
"There were two cats in my room.
They were eating my toes.
They're learning to be 3hree."

Trail: i have a crush on nip nop

"d3nny fucks bitches with his erect nose" -vohh

Trail: you ever just wanna mush kega's cheeky weekies :3

"holy FUCK medeev would be so hot with a feminine penis like FOR REAL HOLY SHIT that would turn me on so much" -my entire hl team

"Minion"_6ix_God -d3nny
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you smell

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