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Push beyond your limits
Witness, the power of a god
You only fail when you give up

You rub it
And it come sout
Out - Lisa 20/05/2018

Give someone a smile.It could save their life
If someone hates you for no reason.Give them a reason



Just Monika
And thus today marks the day i sold my soul to Monika and her irresistible smile.

Mrglrlrlrelrlrlrllrlrgrlrlglrelgllgrlglrglrelgrlegllgerlggl - Murloc

I am a warrior.....the saiyan prince.....VEGETA!

But, perhaps it is my anger, that has made me blind to the Truth for so long... I see it now.....This day has made it all too clear...

You're better than me, Kakarot.

You are the Best.

Only true heroes face death with a smile
I'm destined to destroy you
I'm going to crush you,and throw you into the wind
Trunks,Bulma I do this for you...and yes even for you,Kakarot
You may have invaded my mind and my body but theres one thing a saiyan always keeps,HIS PRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDE
Every force you create has an echo.Your own bad energy will be your undoing
Fight you? No i wanna kill you

We'll Bang Okay

Carrying Jordan 24/7

The only time someone dies, is when they are forgotten.
There's always hope but sometimes life hurts.

あなたの変態を歓迎 ;)
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Exodus May 5 @ 11:25am 
Krown_ May 5 @ 11:25am 
this nigga is literally the best rust player i've seen, insane aim but small dick. but hey atleast hes good with the men
Exodus Feb 16 @ 6:18am 
hehehehe GAY
ℕ︎AISU I ⅃︎℉︎G Dec 27, 2017 @ 4:51pm 
*cough* *cough* this fucking weeb plays Doki Doki Literature Club
over playing us. He is also shit at giving games to play he told me to pay for Dark Souls 3 so i did just that. We started to play the game and then. we started to playand then someone invaded our game and it was a purple guy who reminded him of barney the bear. He had no gear on and one sht me with his fists and then we played on and got another person with a long neck and fucking slayed us and made us his bitch. Please do not buy games he asks you to buy.
Exodus Nov 15, 2017 @ 7:31pm 
-REP i ask him to help me make gold on WOW and his reply is im running the invincible reins mount drop :( ICC RAIDS FOR LIFE LEGION FLYING PS. I WASTED MY TIME FOR LEGION FLYING
ℕ︎AISU I ⅃︎℉︎G Nov 15, 2017 @ 2:13pm 
-REP This guy never (rarely) plays with you when you want him to.. every time i ask him do you want to play , he replies with the following ."i am playing wow". i ask him maybe play later he responds with "WoW is life.
I feel that WOW is a drug for man and not a fun hobby for him to say the least. I kinda feel his wow addiction needs to stop.
I have tried my best. i offered money and sex and i have got no response all that is left is to contact but not even this will fix him. All i ask is for all you to say in his comments is JORDAN WILL NOT 1V1 MAD ON RUST HES A PUSSY and this will cure his addiction.
And if jordan replys with some nerdy shit , he can go fuck a goat because he is addicted too. FUCK FAGGOT