Alyxa - I live ín:   Australia
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Info - Me                                                                                                Favourite Things
:splash: Age: 24                                                                                                               :splash: Pokemon
:splash: Gender: MtF Trans {Story Below}                                                                      :splash: Star Wars
:splash: Sexuality: Bi / All                                                                                                 :splash: Video Games
:splash: Relationship: Dead To The World                                                                       :splash: Books
:splash: ERP?: No.                                                                                                           :splash: Anime & Manga

Games I have enjoyed the most:
:2015coal: Old School Runescape                [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Mabinogi                                      [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Guild Wars 2                                [MMORPG]
:2015coal: Arma 2 DayZ                               [Zombie Survival]
:2015coal: Grand Theft Auto V                     [MMO-Shooter]
:2015coal: Pokemon Revolution                   [MMORPG; Fan-made]
:2015coal: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim                   [Singleplayer]

My Story
Okay... So, from a young age; I started to declare myself a girl online, that is when I first started my MtF journey. As of yet though; I am not a girl. Not physically anyway. Sadly I am stuck inside this male body, and I do not know when I will become the girl I wish to be. Money is tight at the moment, and then I have the stress from my family finding out about me, as well as whether or not it will affect my job etc... So, I would prefer it if you treated me as I'd like to be treated. Thank You.

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Epicjoykill Sep 8 @ 5:46am 
saw your thing on AWG >.< i'm old.. but hai
LemonMadness Aug 19 @ 6:35pm 
I see "Star Wars" and "Pokémon" as favorite things... istant-friendship :papyrus:
life overrated as shit Aug 16 @ 11:00am 
I got 99 runecrafting because i have nothing better to do with my life please help
CptDaban Aug 16 @ 10:51am 

Just letting you know that I have no chat history between us.
That, or we haven't spoken for like 1 week or more.

I'm not really a friend collector, and I'd enjoy more to have people who actually want to talk and do stuff together.

You have been removed for this reason.
Apologies if you have spoken within the specifications above.

Feel free to send another invite if you want.
clown Aug 15 @ 2:24pm 
Cus who wants to be a guy?
Lania Aug 14 @ 9:47pm 
why everyone just wanna be a girl. not in my life i ever seen a fmt trans....