Chris   Christmas Island
AKA "Mega-TonberryFF", "The Independent Variable", "Scottie Pimpin", and "Swank Sinatra."

:papyrus: "TINA, IS THAT A HUMAN?!?!" :papyrus:
:borderlands2: Tiny Tina says, "Oh haiiii!" :borderlands2:

In a computer game client where anime games oversaturate the market... Shonen-kun must prevail! ! Never trust an anime girl with twin tails. NEVER.

#TeamChompski believes A E S T H E T I C S > function.

Game so hard, Valve employees want to fine me.

'If I hear "yolo" one more time, i'll bust a bullet to your dome
I don't own a four five, but i'll buy one, son'
- Spawn

Feel free to add me on here. If you want to play an online game with me that we both own, hit me up. I'm pretty friendly :squirtyay: We can play if I'm not busy and I'm down with it.

Ask me about my Let's Play YT channel and Twitch stream. I've got leftover bundle games (mostly Humble Bundle and Indie Gala). Send me (reasonable) trade offers.

Want a review for your indie game? Just ask me! :steamhappy:
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Yo, Mumen.
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+REP Nice trader!
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you know... dank
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+Rep fantastic trader, flexible and easy going!