William the Fat Servine   Traralgon, Victoria, Australia
Ic ēow wielle ān fremfullan dæge!

-Heavy Weapons Guy

I hardly send friend requests to people I haven't made contact with, with the exception of if I've been wanting to make contact with them but haven't been able to (locked comment section, not playing at the same time I am, etc.)

Contributor to Fortress Forever (on the 'dev team' if you will).
Was part of the Raising the Bar (HL2 mod that never saw the light of day) dev group for a time.
I mess about with Source things, materials, textures, maps, models, but nothing that I can say I'm 100% proud with.
I at this point used to animate in the Source Filmmaker, but I haven't released many videos so far.
I also mod source games, mostly releasing mods for TF2. Those released mods are mostly TF2 beta-related; I'm the person who remade the second trailer's knife backstab ready animation, and made the nail gun and beta rocket launcher models compatible with skins. If you've used any of those before, let me know!!

If I had to choose a vault to live in, it'd be Vault 10. You know, the one mentioned in Nuka Break? If you knew me, you'd know why I'd choose that one >/ω/>
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Above: Servine! I used SFM to remake the character I'd drawn in the past when I was younger, a servine character with a Gravity Gun, Portal Gun and Tool Gun. So, I decided to remake that character (who I have named Stait) for use on my profile. :)


Check out my YouTube channel, BoltBarkingattheMoon, for mod videos, SFM animations, a little TF2, and more.

Ardy said he may even go so far as to say I'm his SOUL ANIMAL :3 [Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M_XDt-QIrzw&feature=youtu.be&t=425 ]
If that doesn't make you think I'm more awesome than I am, then you're probably a cool guy yourself. Yes I'm putting on more confidence than I really have here.

Favourite Pokémon list:
Equal 1st -
#4 - Haxorus
#5 - Quilava

Roleplay/persona-related stuff

As you can tell, I'm a servine, and proud.

Something I must say is that I'm... very quite chubby, for a servine. D-don't make fun of me! I-It's just I like sitrus berries a lot! *blushes*

I am in possession of a little trinket I constructed from a piece of devolve orb, everstone, and a few smaller things to allow me to harness my evolution power. This allows me to devolve, and evolve, on will. So don't be surprised if I'm a serperior or snivy sometimes!

I also have a dragon form, and a sort of 'in-between' form of such. I don't shapeshift at will between these, no, it takes a certain small process involving a 'dragon gem'-infused piece of eviolite that I own.

And one last thing: there is one thing that really bugs me. My servine hands. They're virtually useless and so tiny; evolution can be so cruel... I can live with it, but I shall always mourn the hands that used to be useful.
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Before we trashed the car... (unofficial prequel to 'Passing That Driving Test' by R10101)
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