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Jun 19 @ 9:34am
In topic Official Prim Plus pvp Valguero maps?
There is 1 NA and 1 EU PvP prim+ server. With the server list loading, it's usually related to your network connection and the ability to query w/ steam's servers.
May 31 @ 11:02am
In topic what does Updated metrics systems mean?
@ Derptini & Styxx42 you are most welcome! Happy to provide some insight where I can.

Originally posted by Ostseekrabbe:
Hmm I remember having posted a couple mails explaining roundabout 7 undermesh-exploits to the intended address many months ago. The oldest is over a year now.
Never got a reply from the devs, for instance that they've read it.
Most of them are fixed now, but heck took that long.

We always read our emails regarding exploits. They won't receive a response most of the time unless its for a bounty. In regards to undermeshing exploits, if it involves map issues then they typically take longer and we try to do more at once vs a single one here and there because it takes a lot of time from our LDs and adds significant time to our patch cooks, testing, and larger downloads for the players. Actual exploits using various objects (like climbing picks or sleeping bags) are usually handled in a more reasonable time though as we have several programmers that are able to work on the fixes and can be turned around much quicker.
May 30 @ 7:55pm
In topic what does Updated metrics systems mean?
Metrics refers to some of our backend data that we use to track various things. One of which is mesh detection. Updating it just means we've likely added, adjusted, or removed some of the data points we are collecting going forward. In the case of mesh detection this could be location on the map or data about a specific "joint" of a character or dino. It's mostly meaningless to everyone but us in the studio but we want to be upfront about what the patch is for.
May 16 @ 9:49am
In topic When do Arkopocalypse servers wipe?
ARKpocalypse servers wipe every 30 days. The next wipe will be on the 23rd
Apr 3 @ 6:32pm
In topic .ark files, what do they contain
As Ancient said, the timestamped ones are backups of your current save (Ragnarok.ark). You can revert to the backup save at any point by renaming one of the timestamped files to just 'Ragnarok.ark[\b]. Make sure you keep the original Ragnarok.ark file though in case you need to go back to it if something is wrong with your backup save(s).
Not being able to load the full list usually is attributed to your connection. In short its an issue querying with Steam. As above, I'd recommend trying to use battlemetrics or similar sites for a more comprehensive list as these work on a cached system rather than direct Steam query like we have in-game.
Mar 9 @ 8:33am
In topic EU server 211 down
Replied in other thread. Back online
Mar 9 @ 8:32am
In topic EU server 123 down
Originally posted by crash.burn:
that's great, but my character is now lost. i had transferred across to 211 from 352 about 10 minutes before the server crashed. after your previous post i checked and logged onto 211 and i have no character there now.
Sorry to hear about this. You'll have to create a ticket on and they will help you out with replacing it.
Mar 9 @ 8:20am
In topic EU server 123 down
Originally posted by crash.burn:
what about EU rag server 211? it's been down for 4 and a quarter hours and no update or anything on what's going on?
It's back up as well. It came back online right before you posted :P
Mar 9 @ 8:13am
In topic EU server 123 down
Should be back up!
Mar 9 @ 8:13am
In topic Server down
It should be back online now
To reiterate what was said above.. Client and server versions do not have to match, only the major version has to match (291). Oftentimes the versions are not an exact match as we deploy hotfixes that only require a server side fix.

If you're having issues, I'd first recommend verifying your game files. Then as ntengineer said, it could be mod related if you have mods.
Oct 30, 2018 @ 9:27am
In topic EU Arkpocalypse servers?
Our official ARKpocalypse servers are actually EU hosted. We have Asia ones as well if those interest you. You can find them by searching "ARKpocalypse" and you should see ARKpocalypse 1-5 for each region
Glad that its working again. It happens on occasion due to communication error with BE servers. A simple restart usually fixes the issue :)
Can you confirm whether the issue is resolved?
Aug 20, 2018 @ 12:27pm
In topic Servers Reverted To Earlier Build???
Originally posted by Leslie:
Okay, Thanks. So it all will work well?

By the way, did it crash when you tested it before it was released?
Yes, the .102 version works just fine with the current client.

And of course it was tested and there was no crashing but testing in a live environment with thousands of players things can certainly crop up that we didn't encounter in our small-scale testing. We were able to quickly revert the change though to avoid additional issues.
Aug 20, 2018 @ 12:19pm
In topic Servers Reverted To Earlier Build???
We pushed out an update (v 282.103) which introduced an unexpected crash. We reverted that update and are back on 282.102. We'll be patching again to a fixed version of 282.103 in the coming days though. For now 282.102 client and server are the most recent builds to use.
NA-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth51 has a new IP address therefore it will no longer show in favorites. You will need to search the browser and re-add it to your favorites.
Feb 3, 2018 @ 9:22am
In topic Downloads have been disabled why?
Are you still having this issue? It's likely that your server didn't automatically update and was still stuck on the lower version which disables transfers due to version mismatch. All servers are up to date currently so you should not be receiving this error still.
Nov 7, 2017 @ 10:51pm
In topic My Usual Server suddelny GONE
Originally posted by Eminence:
Just saw on STA that lilpanda just reset that server to resolve the issue. Look for it in a few minutes.
Thanks for the cross post :)

Eminence is correct, it should be back in a few minutes.
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