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DPT.flaircandy Jun 29 @ 10:24am 
Hi, we're on your server now. We need help. our Eagle is stuck. If we fly it, it gets teleported back to where it left off :( this is our most precious dino for now. help
DariusGamer Jun 25 @ 4:24pm 
I have noticed that you are a community manager, awesome!

You can delete my message once the problem is resolved.
We we're playing ARK and suddenly an other trive in (PVE) blocked 90% of our base with boats and gates.

The ticket number is #904790 and it has not been reviewed for over 3 days. We can't do anything in-game right now.

Also I have recently made a video showing the grief: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-6zjQ8ekb4

For all the information please visit the ticket number or ask someone in charge of tickets to take actions.
Blocking bases with boats(rafts) is part of the new code of conducts.

Also, they removed the boats blocking the doors, but not those inside of it. There's also 2 house rafts inside our base making us impossible to retrieve our items.

I hope someone notices this because we can't play normally ARK until someone removes all the rafts/dinos(with u mad bro nicknames)/gates.
Aoi Blue Jun 24 @ 12:28am 
I'd like to say I'm glad to see that ARK is working fairly well on Linux again.

I would highly recommend convincing the corporate offices to put asside a little money to hire a team to forward port the game to a new version of the Unreal 4 engine. I know it's not a simple recompile. The release notes specify substantial changes, some of which will present obsticles to forward porting.

This would fix bugs and improve performance across all platforms. Most notably it would reduce the resources needed on the dedicated servers, something that could help the corporate bottom line.

I recommend doing this as a back-burner project with time not being the priority. This will drastically reduce costs of the transition.
Jun 20 @ 1:53pm 

I am the leader of the Alliance Unity, 8000+ hours in the game,
we have never had an attacking structure under the texture,
what the administrator writes - it is unfounded fantasies of our opponent,
the administrator did not check this information,
otherwise he would have noticed that the structure is made in full accordance with the rules of the game.You can come to the server and we will show this.
We wanna know why our tribe member "Amen" was banned? What the reason?
We got a warning and with this warning our tribe member got ban.
People who complained about us didn't tell you how they
used texture bugs on the aberration map to blow up generators from the bottom of the texture?
Did they tell you how they used an account with aim bot to protect their base?
I have doubts about The actions of admin Valore.
Moreover - I am sure that in a few days he'd come and say:
"Unity - you have not complied with our requirements" - we are wipe your structures.
Jun 20 @ 1:53pm 

Where is proof, why you ban Amen? Why administration help our enemy and ban our tribe-member without proofs and for no reason? Attention please!

We NOT use cheats and exploits, we NOT violation the rules. We just ALPHA tribe from legacy and new hardcore clasters. All of our members have 2k+ hours. We have enought exp to raid without violations the rules. And we not violations the rules. UP!

Admin Valore say this and ban our tribe member Amen.

Guys please attention, becouse when the administration helps the enemy tribes so it already violates all conceivable boundaries.


ARK servers provide a fair fight. Negative impact on the game render the intervention of the administration in the game. So admin Valore banned without proof of the player Amen.
Jun 20 @ 1:52pm 
Aberration Server 5 - Hardcore, Admin/Player Controversy


Hello, I am posting this in regards to a recent conflict between the Tribe of Unity and the Admin Valore banning players and threatening to remove their structures without evidence of the claims from opposing tribes.

Currently, the Tribe of Unity is being accused of undermesh turret placement. Without evidence, the admin Valore has banned a player by the name Amen and threatened to remove all structure from the server. No evidence has been found, yet disciplinary action is underway.

The opposing tribe was killed by turrets hidden behind bushes and around corners. The opposing tribe was killed and did not have time to spot these turrets, and assumed that these turrets were placed under the mesh.

Please consider this event, as it is unfair to take the word of one tribe over that of another without definitive evidence.

Thank you for taking the time to review this complaint,