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Disclaimer: I'm constantly being pummeled with accusations from smurfs, so here's my story: After being scammed, I asked steam support to delete my account, since I basically lost all of my items and all of my will to play this game. I had around 1800 hours. After this, I played different games, such as CSGO, Overwatch, and a bit of CoD. I (obviously) came back to TF2. That means I have around 2491 hours (at the time I am writing). I do not have competitive experience on my old account. I have medals on my current UGC page, but I like to forget about them since they were
1. participation
2. under an alias which has quite a stigma that I would like to shed.
Thanks for not calling me a noob no-fun loving smurf cheater.
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is a joke
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you aint famous nibba lol
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good with games, thats all i got
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I appreciate the link in the desc.