Nut jr.
Probably a dickhead with a H E A V Y B R I T I S H A C C E N T with a good mic bragging about it
my youtube channel!!!

if you like pre-amp..

if ive played maple story 2 pleasemyfreindtoldmetoplayitaaaaAA

DJ Prodgy "hE Mic SPams AAAaaAaAaaaA"
cuddles machine : stop micro spam
Jamie suck my balls-Kyron 2018
honoralble retards:
baby fox(name has been changed)

Oh youre dont-Teacher
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i gave u 2000 creds XD +rep
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+rep he made me laugh the ♥♥♥♥ out of me i love you man. accept my friend request please <3
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+rep add me so we can "save the world"
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accept my friend request to help me save the world
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+rep plez add so we can help john wick get the victory royale