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Dedicated Vehicle ♥♥♥♥♥, panda lover, and helicopter specialist! Before you ask I have a full time job, I'm married, a home-owner, and I still have time to ruin your day.

Pilot for Team Uranus
Former Helicopter Pilot for Team Exertus: exertusesports.com
And flying FOR current #1NA AND current #1 WORLD.....LdrHavoc. #1 what? Exactly!

If you need to ask me something, I'd recommend using Youtube messaging feature!

BF4 Acheivements so far:
#1 War Front 8v8 Season 1
#1 WEL 10v10 Season 4
#1 WEL 10v10 Season 3
#1 LevelBF 10v10 December 2013 Cup
#1 LevelBF 2v2 Februrary 2014 Heli Superiority Cup
#2 ESL 10v10 Spring 2015
#2 WEL 10v10 Season 5
#2 ESL 8v8 Winter Cup #1
#4 Atlanta Lanfest 5v5 January 2014

BF3 Acheivements:
Selected Starting Team USA - Nation's Cup
#1 TWL 2v2 AH 2v2 Ladder
#2 War Excess 8v8 Season 4
#2 War Excess 12v12 Season 1
#2 BF3 Platoon Wars 12v12
#4 LevelBF Below Radar Cup
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Marsocks Jun 26, 2015 @ 7:48pm 
10/10 player to lose with in coh2
High0dds Feb 22, 2015 @ 11:16am 
I has a joke about a cat.. Just kitt'en..
LdrHavoc Jul 28, 2012 @ 4:20pm 
You cats to be kitten me right meow
taDA Apr 17, 2011 @ 12:22pm 
You suck