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Posted: Jul 8, 2018 @ 5:01am
Updated: Jul 9, 2018 @ 10:56pm

At first, I am disappointed with Constructor HD for its it doesn't revive memorable classical element well but transform into a hybrid (old and new) thing. How to bring new idea and preserve the classic is a big issue, for every old game wants to survive in the modern world.

The reviews prove that some people want new thing but not retro-style (terrible art for them), and few people want the game be classical as in the old time, the young generation just can't understand what is interesting or important of this game.

Let me tell what I find is the problem in Constructor HD:

1. Conflict between 2D comic character and 3D clay-like animation
Constructor HD creates new 2D characters as information service or simple icons in the background. These are very conflict art style, comparing the original version's 3D clay-like animation which makes Constructor classical! But you didn't create new clay-like art but use a very comic-like 2D cartoon, totally distract the tonality of Constructor.

2. Discontinuous control panel
In the Constructor Classic, it is steel-made continuous panel connect the right and left parts of controlling buttons and just like inset a screen at the middle as a fly machine panel. Constructor HD obviously make the right and left parts floating by disconnecting them. It seems like to provide wider screen for the players but it actually breaks the whole coherent integration.

3. House information's icons and background
Actually Constructor HD didn't make the words "HD" in the games but it lost its readability. For example, in every house info page, not only you redesign the panel, but also remove the good design icons, such as the golden relief icon of house title, value, tetant's life.......also you draws the electric wire of the panel but reduce the proportion of gorgeous background wallpaper.

Although I am too much critical on these important details, there are many other details you are altering from the classic one, and they are very important to make this game wonderful!

It is still good to see the representative BrightPaw keeps replying promptly. It shows a responsible develop teamworks, it means a lot in this age of video game environment. They are very hurried to fix the bugs and update the new things. It has its own potential to be a great game again.

P.S. There are much detailed part I skipped in the review, so I just share a link (no ADs) for someone want to know further.

About the positive review, there is a problem for why is there only two choice for the feedback, why I can't decide to be neutral if this is just fine. Apparently, Steam has considered only its own profits but not the brutal result. And since it effects too much on the sales, and obvious effects the living of the game and developers, I would like to give the positive review.
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Developer response:
💝 Bright 💝  [developer] Posted: Jul 9, 2018 @ 9:50pm
Hello whiteblack. Hope you are well. :)

The feedback is greatly appreciated.

Regarding the UI, I am sorry that you did not like it but aside from a few cosmetic changes to enable you to still view the map or complete certain tasks a little more efficiently, not much has changed (a point that some will say is bad, whilst others will say is good.) Was there a specific part of the UI that you felt had changed too much?

Edit 2 (based on your edit):

The first two points are a matter of personal preference, and whilst I can understand you would prefer the UI to take up the entire screen, we have had feedback stating the exact opposite, and we agree. There are enough screens that already take up the entire display area and we do not want to add to that anymore than is necessary because it restricts the view too much. This is also why the UI was separated, and many other games today use similar floating style UIs because it does not restrict the person's view any more than is necessary. :)

Point 3. You do not use a window frame to build a home at any point in the game - that part of the screen is used for building fences, and quickly switching between homes by left-clicking them. This allows you to quickly move to new homes without first having to click out of the current one - I do not understand why this is considered a bad thing. It allows people to do things more quickly. :)

Point 4. Please refer to this[i.imgur.com] image which compares both classic and current data screens. Yes, the icons are no longer golden, but I do not understand the actual effect this has on gameplay or readability. They are still displayed as being distinct from one another, and more importantly from the background screen on which they are drawn in the new game.

Additionally, via a handy right-click on any property (reference[imgur.com] you can view a lot of the relevant information without ever needing to enter it.

Have a wonderful day. :)

<3 BrightPaw