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"I wish to do something Great and Wonderful, but I must start by doing the little things like they were Great and Wonderful" ~ Albert Einstein
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Make sure it's really me.
- Make sure I'm a Donator Tier V on steamrep.com
- Make sure I'm level 105.
- Make sure I'm the top donator on steamdb.info
TidjeyCEO#. May 10, 2020 @ 9:36am 
Boas amigo aos anos
Na(r)cist Jan 3, 2019 @ 1:26pm 
Im waitin' for 7 month for my winnings... can u send just a half of it?)
masch1ne Oct 21, 2018 @ 4:09am 
Role model
shawn shawnson Jul 24, 2018 @ 10:52am 
hey bro. just want to say csgoblackjack was a lot of fun and I wish you a great life!
rocc Jul 18, 2018 @ 10:50am 
Jesus dude, the thing you wrote on the csgo site left me in depression
Na(r)cist Jul 16, 2018 @ 9:43am 
Hello! I would ask you about money that I have won on your site! I have asked for withdraw before its closed... When i will get my winnings? Thank you!