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Whispy, LinkShire's Husbando   Altoona, Pennsylvania, United States
Just a furfag who plays video games, nothing new here.

Some more info below.
-I am pansexual. (currently in a relationship that's going great, most likely won't end)
-I suffer from a number of mental issues (but unlike everyone else I don’t glorify them), which includes a spectrum disorder and possibly OCD
-I’m not telling people my actual age.
-As said earlier, I am a furry (ecks dee the furry is autistic)
-Gamer with decent skill, fav kind is fighting games
-Smartass jackass
-Wants to make a career of being either an artist or a guitarist
-Nocturnal (in other words, an insomniac)
-I play a lot of Skullgirls Mobile these days, under the name "Whispy". I'm usually on Channel 0 or Channel 1, so come duel me

What, were you excepting a fursona? Well, here you go.

Fursona info:
-Fur color: Blackish blue with white underbelly and a white tuft of fur on head (sort of like a smaller version of Lycanroc's midnight form tuft from Pokemon)
-Clothing (upper half): White tank top with dark blue leather jacket
-Clothing (lower half): Black sweatpants and brown ankle height boots
-Other notable details: Scar in the middle of back (a trait which I have irl)

Thanks for reading my shitty profile. Have a nice day. I shall award you with a youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9FxAjdZhzY
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🌈 LinkShire 🌈 Sep 3, 2018 @ 8:52pm 
The most amazing boyfriend a guy could ever ask for. Whisper is perfect for me and I love him, no matter what. I love you Whispy Whisp~<333333