:2016villain: Welcome to my lil profile :D! You can invite me (but not for trade (yes im avoiding scammers, fuck you stealing pricks)) if you want!
i like carrying silvers 🅱
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More info ;)
:repenny: Donate me (i aint beggin, if you want you can donate.)
:BrownSign: -Accounts-
Gamejolt (im there xd): WhatYouThing_Official
Google (Mainly Youtube): WhatYouThing
Twitch: WhatYouThing_Official
Discord: WhatYouThing those numbers: 7263

My own Discord Server! :D [discord.gg] its pretty lit in my opinion, we got bunch of different chats and channels, a meme channel (rythm and dank memer bots) and others. (if you feel that the link is sketchy you can type in RANDwBH in Discord's "Join Server" menu opened with that + on the left side.) but hey, HOW WOULD I SCAM TROUGH DISCORD? ITS NOT TRASH LIKE TEAMSPEAK, so you wont be scammed by me just clicking and getting a scam server message with a fake link or some shit, im not a baddy AAAND idk how i can code a hack that is supposed to steal your account..... reeeeeeeee

If you want to play cs:go, my rank is currently Silver Elite Master (derank, teams are like plastic 1 and the enemy is like global/silver1 using p90's and COD guns all the time)
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bought it on opskins, by selling TF2 items xd (i got 10 dollars out of them, so yeah)

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lol when being offline i got added by a site scammer doing those free 10-50$ on scam sites. dipshits
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i need ur help to kill moon lord
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