Mr Generic   Greater Manchester, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
Trading for FlexTape only.

SPECS : FX 6300, MSI GTX 960 2GB, 8GB RAM. It's real nice, but I gotta upgrade someday. Sniff.

EQUIPMENT : Blackwidow, M601 Centrophoros Mouse, Roccat Taito Mousepad, Nemesis Akuma Headphones. I love them all.



Thanks for reading this. Or maybe you just skipped straight to the end. Thanks for skipping I guess.
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hethinksagain May 8 @ 12:57am 
this guy is addicted to cs
Livanski Apr 15 @ 7:29am 
the guy in my profile made giveaway - he gave me karambit lol
Palpala Apr 7 @ 4:03am 
Hi, I csn give my Karambit marble fade for your whole inventory
Send me trade offer if it's ok. If some of your skins are not for trade I'm ok without them. I will take any reasonable offer but don't add to friends please
SuperSockHead Feb 13 @ 6:54am 
Thank you for that information.
Roberts-esquire Feb 12 @ 11:54pm 
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z0ne Feb 8 @ 8:13am 
+rep he gave me his old knife! thanks man!