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Posted: Feb 6, 2016 @ 9:25pm

Classic SF, with the main themes being the end of mankind and civilization, and time travel - all seen through the eyes of one of the most iconic (and seldomly used) protagonists of the genre, the janitor. Enjoyable and certainly something a little different from what's usually on the menu of games, and adventures in particular - alternating between the 70s and the ruined remains of society in the present.

A nice humorous undertone lightens up the narration considerably, so the apocalyptic setting never feels overwhelming, ominous or menacing in any way. Not especially long, it betrays its episodic lineage by having chapters, that are effectively different areas, entirely sealed off one from another, so puzzles can never span across them, and the items leading to the solutions must always be found in relative vicinity, making the process easier than most adventure games and more puzzle-y.

The game's not fully voiced, but when it is, the voicework's quality is excellent, with several familiar voices from Telltale games, including Adam "Bigby" Harrington.
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