63e Icksnuck
Lil B the Based God   Berkeley, California, United States
Work hard, be somebody, be something more than what you see in the mirror. Let the world be your mirror, don’t let them judge you, cause the mirror can’t judge you. You judge what you see in the mirror.
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-HunterK 18 ян. в 7:50 
We don’t bleeed, we make nighas bleed bloood!
Finn IV 15 ноем. 2018 в 19:14 
+rep really chil and nice
-HunterK 7 юли 2018 в 23:03 
spider gf:*catches you in her web*

spider gf: 88w88 what's this??
63e Starblazer 25 март 2018 в 19:44 
you are a child bred of the ♥♥♥ of the congo, congratulations bruddah!
63e Starblazer 20 март 2018 в 20:18 
Cogito Ergo Sum or Cogito Ergo ♥♥♥ ??? 🤔
Male Sibling Moment 5 март 2018 в 6:48