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Personal Achievements
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 1:21pm

Escaped Tartarus

Clear Tartarus
Unlocked Sep 20 @ 2:05pm

Escaped Asphodel

Clear Asphodel
Unlocked Sep 21 @ 2:06pm

Escaped Elysium

Clear Elysium
Unlocked Oct 7 @ 1:19pm

Champion of Elysium

Clear Elysium with the 'Extreme Measures' Condition
Unlocked Oct 5 @ 10:59am

Hold the Onions

Clear an Infernal Gate without taking damage
Unlocked Sep 25 @ 1:15pm

Is There No Escape?

Clear an escape attempt
Unlocked Oct 2 @ 3:04pm

Weapon of Fate

Clear an escape attempt with a hidden Weapon Aspect
Unlocked Sep 25 @ 3:03pm

To Charon's Credit

Earn a Loyalty Card
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 4:23am

The Useless Trinket

Earn the first of Skelly's prizes
Unlocked Oct 12 @ 12:56pm

Skelly's Last Lamentations

Earn the second of Skelly's prizes
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 1:27pm

Something From Everyone

Unlock each standard Keepsake
Unlocked Oct 19 @ 1:58pm

Friends Forever

Max-rank each standard Keepsake
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 3:30pm

Rare Collectible

Equip a Chthonic Companion
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:01pm

Complete Set

Earn all Chthonic Companions
Unlocked Sep 24 @ 1:34pm

Blood Bound

Max any Weapon Aspect
Unlocked Oct 13 @ 11:55am

Infernal Arms

Unlock all Weapon Aspects
Unlocked Sep 26 @ 8:04am

Blessed by the Gods

Choose 100 different Olympian Boon effects
Unlocked Oct 6 @ 11:48am

Thanks, But No Thanks

Purge a Legendary Boon
Unlocked Oct 2 @ 2:39pm

Tools of the Architect

Choose 50 different Daedalus Hammer enchantments
Unlocked Sep 23 @ 11:57am

Arms Collector

Unlock each of the Infernal Arms
Unlocked Oct 2 @ 2:07pm

Grown Close

Forge a bond with any character
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 3:12pm

Well Versed

Fully Unlock the Olympians' Codex entries
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 3:23pm

Day-or-Night Trader

Trade 20 times with the Wretched Broker
Unlocked Sep 30 @ 12:24pm

Home Makeover

Pay for 50 jobs from the House Contractor
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 3:05pm

Had to Happen

Fulfill any 15 Prophecies
Unlocked Sep 26 @ 7:05am

River Denizens

Catch a fish from each region
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 3:03pm

Urge to Sing

Compel Orpheus to sing again
Unlocked Oct 17 @ 9:59am

Nyx's Mirror

Have at least one rank in each Mirror of Night Talent
Unlocked Oct 12 @ 1:49pm

Night and Darkness

Fulfill the 'Night and Darkness' Prophecy
Unlocked Sep 24 @ 2:04pm

Chthonic Colleagues

Fulfill the 'Chthonic Colleagues' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 11 @ 3:34pm

End to Torment

Fulfill the 'End to Torment' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 5 @ 12:58pm

Musician and Muse

Fulfill the 'Musician and Muse' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 15 @ 3:07pm

Divided by Death

Fulfill the 'Divided by Death' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 18 @ 1:52pm

Dark Reflections

Fulfill the 'Dark Reflections' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 2 @ 2:08pm

Harsh Conditions

Fulfill the 'Harsh Conditions' Prophecy
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 1:59pm

Master of Arms

Fulfill the 'Master of Arms' Prophecy
Unlocked Oct 4 @ 9:42am

Slashed Benefits

Fulfill the 'Slashed Benefits' Prophecy
Unlocked Sep 29 @ 12:57pm

Back to Work

Earn access to and enter the Administrative Chamber
Unlocked Sep 29 @ 2:56pm

The Family Secret

Complete the main quest in the story
Unlocked Oct 3 @ 10:37am

Well Stocked

Buy 9 'Well of Charon' items in one escape attempt
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 5:49am

Thorn of Thanatos

Get 30% bonus damage with the Pierced Butterfly
Unlocked Oct 5 @ 12:53pm

Haste of Hermes

Get 20% dodge chance with the Lambent Plume
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 12:09pm

Death Dealer

Beat Thanatos by 15 kills or more
Unlocked Sep 21 @ 2:13pm

Friends in High Places

Use Greater Call to invoke an Olympian's aid
Unlocked Oct 10 @ 2:30pm

Bad Call

Use an Olympian's Greater Call against them in a Trial
Unlocked Sep 25 @ 2:41pm

Skelly Slayer

Slay Skelly 15 times
Unlocked Sep 28 @ 1:54pm

Three-Headed Boy

Pet Cerberus 10 times

War-God's Bloodlust

Fulfill the 'War-God's Bloodlust' Prophecy

One for the Ages

Reach the epilogue of the story