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The Book of Legend

Grimoire Weiss joined your party.
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 2:41am

The Wild Companion

Kainé joined your party.
Unlocked Apr 26 @ 1:16pm

The Mellow Companion

Emil joined your party.
Unlocked May 2 @ 5:28am

Combo Fanatic

You pulled off a 50-hit combo.
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 7:11am

The Magic Man

You learned every type of magic.
Unlocked May 2 @ 3:03am

Village Handyman

You completed 10 quests.
Unlocked Apr 24 @ 11:21am

Jack of All Trades

You completed 20 quests.
Unlocked Apr 25 @ 5:39am

Go-To Guy

You completed 30 quests.
Unlocked Apr 30 @ 2:21pm

Material Hunter

You collected 50 types of raw materials.
Unlocked Apr 28 @ 10:24am

The Final Verse

Congratulations! Thank you for playing!

Combo Master

You pulled off a 100-hit combo.


You collected 50 percent of all words.

Weapons Collector

You found every weapon.

Man of Means

You accumulated 1,000,000 pieces of gold.

Educated Warrior

You read all novel segments about your friends' pasts.

King of the Lost Shrine

You defeated Gretel within three minutes and twenty seconds.

A True Friend

You stopped the berserk Kainé within one minute.

Boss of the Junk Heap

You defeated P-33 within four and a half minutes.

Scourge of The Aerie

You defeated Wendy within eight and a half minutes.

Protector of Facade

You defeated Roc within three and a half minutes.

Permission Granted

You drove off Devola and Popola within three minutes.

A Dirge for the Hero

You defeated Goose within two minutes.

Soul Crusher

You defeated Devola and Popola within three and a half minutes.

Book Burner

You defeated Grimoire Noir within one and a half minutes.

The Once and Final King

You defeated the Shadowlord within four minutes and twenty seconds.

The Strongest Bond

You defeated the berserk Kainé within three and a half minutes.

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