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Posted: Jan 4, 2019 @ 10:53pm
Updated: Jan 14 @ 8:39pm

Edit (Feb 7, 2019): Okay wow I didn't expect this review to blow up like that. Just to clarify, I'm not accusing the company of actually misusing data or violating their privacy policy. They do clearly list what data they collect; it's up to you to decide whether or not you trust them with the security of all that data. (I'm also not sure if they've updated their privacy policy since then, so this might all be irrelevant.)

Personally, I feel that there's too great of a risk of misuse when so much detailed information is collected from so many users. Obviously, nobody cares about your personal, individual data, but the possibility of mass-profiling people must look pretty appealing to large entities and/or malicious individuals.

Imagine all this information being leaked and combined with full names, usernames, emails, and passwords from previous leaks of other websites and services, all neatly compiled so that bots can commence mass spam and phishing operations. Or maybe you're well-known enough for people to actually care about you; these people would now potentially have a directory with a ton of your own private info to be used against you.

So again, it's your choice to make. If you trust the company and don't think the risk of potential misuse is a big deal, then feel free to play.

(Also, no, I wasn't contacted by them or anything. I just logged back on to see 350+ notifications from this review and figured I should clear things up with a more neutral tone. When I wrote my initial review, I wasn't expecting it to be read by tens of thousands of people, so it was pretty aggressive and sloppy.)


I've read the top reviews relating to this game's privacy policy, but upon installing and reading through it myself... It's much worse than those comments lead me to believe.

Their 'Anti-Cheat' system makes trojan viruses look legitimate. The sheer amount of data they collect from your system is an abhorrent violation of their users' privacy.

Take a look for yourself:
Security-Related Information: Basic hardware information (manufacturer, model number, serial number information, input devices and displays), operating system information, machine codes for security authentication, user account information, network information, network filters, handle information, information about installed anti-virus software, information related to script (plug-in) in browser, process files and memory data during Game play, driver information loaded during Game play, dump file that records crash details when a crash occurs, virus interception information in anti-virus software, installed script (plug-in) data, running script (plug-in) data, data of computer process which may used by script (plug-in), user behaviour and status that may be related to plug-in use, event tracing, known files related to cheat tools, debug tools, virtual machine tools, paths, hashes and hooks in use when the Game is running, image files, memory image, shellcode loaded by the Game, system API calls, method calls, system procedures and related data of active windows, information on in-game modules, game screenshots and server configuration of ShadowSocks.

It starts off alright. Hardware information, what OS you're running, your account info, and some basic info about your network; these all make sense for profiling your device to prevent you from creating multiple, malicious accounts.

But then it starts to get a little weird. Network filters, handle information, and info about what anti-virus you're running and everything that it has intercepted as a virus--probably so they can see which anti-virus programs rightfully detect their program as a virus and then get in contact with those companies to have it whitelisted.

And then it's all downhill from there. Browser plugin information, information about what processes you're running, user behaviour (sounds like a mouse movement tracker and keylogger to me), event tracing, known cheat tool files (aka they look through your files), "paths, hashes and hooks" which is vague enough to mean a lot of different things, image files (why the f*ck?), memory image and memory data during Gameplay (oh good, they datamine through your RAM, what could go wrong?), system procedures and data of active windows and process files (they can see everything you have open in the background), and more things that I haven't even heard of.

It's a like a super-trojan that you've willingly installed and waived your rights of privacy away to. I get that cheating ruins online games, but this is just way too overkill. How much can we trust this company to not misuse our data -- the data which they store in 3 different countries, potentially allowing them to skirt around laws and regulations? Even if we trust them, can we trust how securely that data is stored, transferred, handled, and processed across several countries and hundreds of loose employees? If there were a data breach, just how much information can an attacker acquire from their users? Our name, address, and whatever information happens to still be in RAM, such as passwords, bank info, social security, etc.? This game looks like a nightmare for relatively harmless in-game hackers, but a goldmine to criminals looking for a massive payload of personal data.

No anti-cheat system is worth this much privacy violation. I'd recommend avoiding this game until they improve their privacy policy.
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Theleo May 3 @ 5:54pm 
SONNY LISTON May 3 @ 10:14am 
The Developer is run / owned by Tencent. No wonder they skim through your PC like a Cop through a Glovebox on a African-Americans Car.

Thanks for the warning, I'm gonna avoid this game!
m3nda Dec 12, 2019 @ 11:18am 
If the most played shooter CSGO doesn't have such shit for anti-cheat, there's no true reason to allow ANY game to be ran under Admin Rights. If you wanna play "safely" to this game just install Windows into any external drive you can then install it. So often, people tends to choose something that is comfortable rather than something that has sense. I would love to play ROE back in my computer if it stops asking for Admin Rights. Note: virtualizing 3d has near to 0 performance on high demanding games, so seems not a good idea, and any real solution like "GPU_Passthrough" involves a lot of headaches, and excludes ALL laptops from start. If you care your time, install another Windows into another disk then let it digg. If you have many drives, be extremelly careful cuz Windows will surely fck your boot partition at drive 0.
Theleo Oct 28, 2019 @ 7:55pm 
Nice irrelevant video of something that's common knowledge...?
Theleo Oct 27, 2019 @ 4:24pm 
You've skimmed very poorly, then. I've never claimed to trust certain companies over others. Also, notice how none of these companies collect data directly from your system's processes and memory. That's a huge security risk, regardless of whether or not you trust the company.

Privacy isn't black-and-white. I can be okay with a service taking data from me that I consented to give, whilst not being okay with a program essentially data-mining my system in the background without any direct warning. There's a huge difference between the two.
I2Goon Oct 27, 2019 @ 10:11am 
Oh I've skimmed the stupidity. You're scared of Asian companies and think American ones care more. If you use Windows or own Google/Amazon/Facebook products/services then complaining about a games privacy policy is the least of your concern.

Absolutely stupid logic you have going for yourself. You either care for privacy or none, you can't be in the middle.
Theleo Oct 22, 2019 @ 2:05pm 
I've answered this trainwreck of broken logic several times now. You're not as original or clever as you seem to believe you are, considering that you're incapable of reading back a few pages.
I2Goon Oct 22, 2019 @ 9:44am 
Guy, Windows is in its own league for gathering data and over 70% use the "Full" setting to enable that.

Pick your poison, an operating system you use every single day or a game that can only gather data while launched. An operating system that sends practically everything away to MS servers located all over the world every waking second it's online and connected to the internet or a game that's only able to extract data while running because of the systems set up in-place by MS.

I swear some people are just fucking dumb.