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• Submit to Authority (2012-2013)
• Fallen Angels (2013-2014)
• Mythic (2014-2017) (Gone for most of 2016-2017)
• Woods (2017-Present)
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About Woods
:sr4eagle:About Me:sr4eagle:

:sr4eagle:General Stuff :sr4eagle:
:FreedomofLife:Name - Jonathan
:FreedomofLife:Age - 18
:FreedomofLife:Birthday - April 11th
:FreedomofLife:Timezone - Central
:FreedomofLife:Race - White
:FreedomofLife:Talents - I make music and suck at everything else
:FreedomofLife:Humor - Fucked
:FreedomofLife:Name - Growing up I played Black Ops a lot and Woods was my favorite character so

:sr4eagle:Common Questions:sr4eagle:
:FreedomofLife:Weird Fandoms? - Maybe
:FreedomofLife:Favorite Game? - TF2 and Halo: Reach without a doubt
:FreedomofLife:Favorite Movie Genre? - Comedy
:FreedomofLife:Favorite Color? - Blue
:FreedomofLife:Favorite Season? - Autumn
:FreedomofLife:Why TF2? - High skill ceiling and it's hard to get bored of
:FreedomofLife:Why is your inventory so full? - Idk
:FreedomofLife:Want to join my raffle group? - No
:FreedomofLife:Do you watch porn? - Yes
:FreedomofLife:How much weed you smoke? - I'm poor
:FreedomofLife:Do you hate Mexicans? - No
:FreedomofLife:Do you hate Blacks? - No
:FreedomofLife:Do you hate Indians? - No
:FreedomofLife:Do you have a job? - Yes I'm a lifeguard
:FreedomofLife:Do people hate you? - Yea probably
:FreedomofLife:Have you been scammed? - Thrice
:FreedomofLife:HAI 0w0 do you like kawaii anime senpai?? :3 - No
:FreedomofLife:Do you trade? - Not anymore

:sr4eagle:Random Austism:sr4eagle:
:FreedomofLife:ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: i bet uncle dane is a monster in bed
:FreedomofLife:✪ adulf kritler: tf2 is bad you ahve to use skill
:FreedomofLife:Braixen: if sausages are made of pig intestines does that mean you're eating ass
:FreedomofLife:ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: rip spiderman vs elsa videos
ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: cant jerk my little dingdong anymore
:FreedomofLife:мαc тσηιgнт: Box of cox
мαc тσηιgнт: Not medicine
:FreedomofLife:ƒø✘ Ᏸøî: when you go to a beach go up to a black person and tell them you wont leave until you have a tan like them
:FreedomofLife:Jupiter: pucker your dirty hole like ur lips

Great People I Know
Fox Boi
Chocolate Milk

R.I.P. - AKM2245
Favorite Guide
Created by - Vault Hunter 101
This guide will show you all scam methods and what to do if you got scammed/found a scammer.
Everything is simple and clear :)
✫ Woods Jul 14 @ 8:50pm 
ɯɐıl Jun 15 @ 8:04pm 
Woods <3
Ajo En Polvo May 30 @ 7:11pm 
Im no longer the highest :c
Sir Hoppenhelm May 29 @ 12:12pm 
I dunno I went in a website and downloaded tons of games on my hard drive, plugged it in the Wii and it worked, I think the Website is called Pimp my Wii
Slik May 29 @ 2:16am 
Were is mario cart for ps4 huh :(
✫ Woods May 28 @ 6:46pm 
thats impressive how tf does that work