-[wdc]- Homer J.
Denis   Augsburg, Bayern, Germany
Stop asking for my Rack ! It's not for sale.

:medic:Ex Comp Med :medic: [i.ytimg.com]


ETF2L Season 09 - 6v6 League - Div 6 - 1st Place (undefeated)
ETF2L Season 10 - 6v6 League - Div 5 - 1st Place (undefeated)
ETF2L Season 11 - 6v6 League - Div 4 - 1st Place (only 1 Defwin "taken")
ETF2L Season 12 - 6v6 League - Div 3 - 3rd Place
ETF2L Season 16 - 6v6 League - Div 3 - 1st Place
ETF2L Season 17 - 6v6 League - Div 2 - 1st Place
ETF2L Season 18 - 6v6 League - Div 1 - 2nd Place

ETF2L Season 20 - 6v6 League - Mid Tier - 1st Place

ETF2L Highlander Nations Cup #1 - Team Germany - 1st Place
ESL Team Fortress 2 1on1 Scout Cup low - 2nd Place

Place 2 CommFT's Top10 plays of TF2 - October 2011


Ah Homer J. is here. That was stefans upcoming player of the season. This kid's amazing - CommanderX

Oh my god he's getting arrowhealing from Homer J., is this kid for real? - CommanderX

The kid's a miracle worker [...] this kid knows how to play - CommanderX

GermanWeed : lol, what kind of medic are you? o.O NICE

Jny: you are teh most awesome medic ever

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CommFT's Top10 plays of TF2 - October 2011
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Wolf Jun 20 @ 12:18am 
I see you have many useless craftable TF2 items So I can give one of my hats for all of them.
Check my profile (link in bio) and send me steam trade offer if its ok for you. Thanks for attention!
Miss Sophie Jun 12 @ 3:33am 
It´s me Mario! :P
ヤン-Krümelkuchen Jun 9 @ 3:08am 
Du kannst mich aber trotzdem nochmal Jagen. Da is D Strike egal...:Silica:
-[wdc]- Homer J. Jun 9 @ 2:45am 
grund war der dstrike und kein haken in der nähe :)
Seed of a corpse Jun 9 @ 2:40am 
-rep, geht dced bevor man danke sagen könnte
ヤン-Krümelkuchen Jun 9 @ 2:25am 
+rep guter killer... Aber warum unbedingt mich morin xD