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Satisfying when you solve something yourself, frustrating as hell if you give up, press that hint button and realise the answer was in a place you've stared at 100 times before.
Even more frustrating that you can't just wipe your memory and try again fairly.
Overall a good game, very pleasing to even just look at the puzzles and see them turn.
Posted October 31, 2019.
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You know what you did, Rami.
Posted September 1, 2019.
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Impressions so far:
It's not bad. It's not great either. Slightly more on the positive side, just because shooting nazis and upgrading weapons is fun.

+Blazkowicz sisters are quite a good example of adding a female lead to a previously male-lead game without appearing completely clueless, out of touch and condescending. Not too amazing story wise, but they have their moments.

- At times, Blazkowicz sisters are brats

+ + Shooting is fun.

- Shooting bullet sponge enemies isn't.

- - Shooting bullet sponge enemies while they stand idle in one place not even really shooting at you even though you set difficulty to "hard" is boring. Fix AI, fix bullet sponges.

+ I was afraid about the amount of content for the price.... it's not that bad. Enough to last 10+ hours if you squeeze it, I think.

+ I was afraid about the micro transactions - so far they seem very non intrusive. I feel like anything I want to buy, I can buy with just a moment of farming without even looking at my wallet.

+/- Open ended maps that you can return to are a good contept and I really like that the devs tried, but they're a bit confusing and annoying to navigate trough. Trying to get all collectibles will be a lot of pain, I can sense that.

+/- Seems like all side missions are really layered. Some will say they're complex and that's a plus, some will say they're convoluted and that's a minus. I see both sides of the argument.

+/- City looks boring, especially with how monochromatic it is. Underground fortresses are amazing but... yea the city is really just eh.

+ Optional stealth all the time, but never required. It's fun to try from time to time, though just starting a war is still my main way to go.

Overall: It's a decent game, probably best enjoyed for free with your friends' buddy pass. It's fun, the problem is - it does some major things wrong (again), and I don't think people will play/remember it a year from now.
Posted July 25, 2019. Last edited July 26, 2019.
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Early Access Review
I don't remember how I found out about this game, but since I did I watched others play it quite a lot. Now that I have the game myself, here are my thoughts:

I'm considering refund... yes, it's THAT GOOD. Buying it later when it's more expensive is completely justified here.

If you like shooters and class based games (like LoL, DoTA, Overwatch etc) THIS IS FOR YOU.
Are you a casual or simply like feeling good about killing stuff? Play on easy.
Are you the most extremist/purist/professional/masochistic player out there? Play it on hard.
and hey, god bless whoever thought of making sensitivity reduction while springing an OPTION, not a must. God. Bless. Your kind heart.

Now, for the bad part... Not much so far, though I haven't played the game that much myself. BUT - this game needs to be better optimised. Granted, my current PC is cpu bottlenecked as hell (rest in peace my cooling system :( ) - 4c/8t clocked at 1.5GHz - but most other indies, well optimized titles, and older games still manage to run over 60FPS no sweat. This doesn't - not even on lowest of the low settings... as soon as it gets a little bit more hectic, the frames go goodbye. But hey - don't let my potato PC speak for this game's performance - go ask streamers and other players about it.
Posted July 9, 2019.
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Overall, a decent marble game with even more potential. I'm reviewing it at the same time as Marble it Up!, as I just finished all levels in this one and started playing MiU.
This game has superior controls. They feel tighter and make me feel like I'm in control of the ball more than in Marble it Up.

However, this game just feels like it has less content and features.
The skin shop feels somewhat generic, not allowing for custom skins while also making getting more skins a grind more than an achievement. It'd be more fun to have skin collectables and maybe a custom skin market with currency being harder to obtain (like completing new challenges or something).
Talking of challenges, after playing trough the main 60 levels of the game, I pretty much feel done with it. There are community maps, yes, but there is no workshop, no challenges, weeklies, achievements - no reward for playing more. Hopefully that will change soon.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, but some of the level checkpoints really suck. I know there is an overhaul in the making, so I'll gladly take that back if new levels are better - but right now the checkpoints are frustrating. Why place a checkpoint close to a moving platform. Dying just to be forced to idle for X amount of time waiting for the platform to come back just kills the flow and feels so infuriating. It's a marble game, I don't think you want to punish someone by making them wait like that.

Overall, I'm satisfied with this game, I just wish there was even more in it, and hopefully that will be the case at some point in the future.
Posted July 7, 2019. Last edited July 7, 2019.
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So far I've played this game for less than an hour, I'm just laying out my first thoughts.
I like the game so far. I've also enjoyed the competition so to say, aka Marble Skies.

One point that Marble Skies has over this game is controls. You could say physics are less realistic there but somehow it feels better, in this game physics seem to be turned up too high. Here, turning is too loose and during landings the ball behaves like it's rubberised or something - if it's spinning, it's going to heavily change direction when hitting the ground. It just doesn't feel as good as Marble Skies did, at least to me.
Also, if you use mouse and keyboard, on the level complete screen mouse still controls the camera while it's also visible on screen. That's confusing.

REGARDLESS, this game is still loads of fun, plus it looks a bit more appealing visually.
It also feels like this game has more content/things to do than Marble Skies. Collectible skins instead of a generic shop, silver and gold medals, workshop content, weekly runs.

If this game gets a slight control adjustment, or overhaul - this will be a clearly superior game. As of now, it's still a worthy game. I'm excited to play it more.
Posted July 7, 2019.
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Not a game we deserve, but the game that makes us feel like batman.
Posted June 28, 2019.
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Terrible loading times, rather dull and unexciting atmosphere, bugged achievements, no real controls customisation (aiming down sight is way too slow in comparison to free aim).
Posted June 24, 2019.
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Let's hope Repentance doesn't follow the trend.
As much new and exiting stuff this game adds, it also adds a lot of anti fun.
Posted June 3, 2019.
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A must have for anyone who doesn't use default Windows wallpaper - and at this price it's a steal.
Posted May 27, 2019.
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