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My cat sneezed on me 27-05-2019, and again 16-08-2019
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One of the best gaming experiences I've had. This game is definitely not for everyone, especially not people who:
1. Are easily frustrated.
2. Are looking for fast-paced progression.

A very beautiful art style
The soundtrack is great
The lore of the world is intriguing
It's TOUGH. Not just "hard" but actually really really tough. Most things kill you in a single hit, and you get punished rather severely for dying (explained in cons). Of course this won't be a pro for everyone, but it was for me.
Managing to get through a difficult area feels amazing every time.

Overall progression is slow-paced, though encounters with the flora and fauna can get extremely tense.
All movement is based on the physics engine which makes everything move around super smooth.
Since all movement is based on physics, you can expect to see some buggy/wonky movement of the creatures in the world (Including the character you play as).
There's barely anything telling you where to go, which can often make you feel lost.

To be able to progress to new areas, you have to have a certain amount of karma. Every time you hibernate (or save) without dying, you get an extra karma point, which caps at 5. Though every time you die, you lose one. If you want to progress to another area but you don't have the right amount of karma, you sometimes end up having to hibernate in the same area 4 times in a row, which can get rather repetitive, though I never had huge problems with this myself, I can certainly see people struggling with this mechanic. (NOTE: They are adding a new character who does not need karma to progress to other areas)
It doesn't help that "cheap" deaths happen occasionally. (Getting instakilled by an enemy you couldnt see)

Though it is without doubts one of my favorite games on steam, it's not meant everyone.
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Created by - Jynn
716 ratings
A guide on how to get the WIld, Wild, Wildlife Guild Card background. This will also get you 4 achievements, and all the placeable pets for you room.

Since I could not find a comprehensive guide online that listed everything possible to get all in one
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This mod changes Cadence into the infamous steamer of hams, Principal Seymour Skinner from The Simpsons.

It changes all in-game graphics of Cadence into Skinner, and changes all audio lines from Cadence into audio lines from Skinner.

As well as this
Created by - Sad Man

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african_adventure Oct 15 @ 1:41am 
rapper_viper Oct 8 @ 6:44am 
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moradi gailol Oct 7 @ 11:28am 
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rapper_viper Oct 7 @ 11:21am 
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