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I often clear my friendslist so look out for a message saying I'm going to do that, its never anything personal, I just like to keep the numbers low and I don't like "collecting" friends.

I don't collect games, every game I own, there is a reason behind owning it. So I probably don't want your bundle game for the +1, but thank you very much for offering! :3

I like reviewing games I particularly enjoy or particularly hate, I'd appreciate if you left a bit of feedback on my reviews! :) I also like posting screenshots and using the activity feed, I'd love it if you get involved on those!

I'm not a huge user of the steam chat function, sorry! I'm not being ignorant intentionally if I don't instantly respond, I'm either playing a game or not here. I will respond eventually but if you badger me or are rude in the way you approach me, I may just not respond through annoyance.
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Story: 10/10 - A really well thought out tale of time travel with multiple endings, all satisfying and hard to poke holes in.
Graphics: 9/10 - beautiful artwork, well animated when needed to be animated.
Sound: 10/10 - amazing soundtrack, some of(if not THE) best voice acting I've ever heard, even though its not my primary language. Tutturu!
Gameplay: 10/10 - multiple endings, hidden paths to fun collectibles, interesting way to make you choose different routes.

Final Score: 10/10 - The best VN on steam bar none. It's perfection, perhaps a slightly slow start and can be very confusing to begin with, but given time it all comes together to create a masterpeice.

Longer Review

Steins;Gate follows Okabe Rintaro on a journey through time, pretty much everything I can tell you about the story would be a spoiler, so I'll leave it at that. It's quite simply a masterpeice in storytelling. Every twist is unforeseen or if it is foreseen then the twist itself has a twist. Each ending has obviously been crafted with love and care as they feel like fully fleshed out endings, not just tacked on extra's after the story had been finished. With time travel being the major focus, it would be easy to fill your plot with holes, poke at the plot and its pretty difficult to find a flaw. Superb writing. The only issue(and this goes for the anime too) is that it can be a bit overwhelming to begin with and it throws information at you, scientific theory and craziness. If you give it a chance, it rewards you by making sense and explaining itself, its not scared of making you yourself connect the dots though, so if you are planning on not paying attention or giving it more than an hours worth of your time, then this is not for you.

The graphics are brilliant, they're unique, styleish and there's lots of different CG's to look at. The characters expressions are not repeated too much and when they are animated they don't look out of place. Not TOO much fanservice as well, but there is one or two fan servicey scenes.

The voice acting makes the game at times, its stellar work, my native language is not Japanese, but I found myself just listening to the acting because it conveyed the message perfectly. The songs and music throughout as well were absolutely brilliant. I struggle to even think of a VN that comes on par with the voice acting.

The gameplay is brilliant for a VN too, its not just a little box with two choices making it very easy to just lose your immersion. Steins;Gate uses a complex system of text messages to guide your choices, so even when you are making choices you never feel out of place, you feel like you are texting a friend. Same goes for the collectibles, you might get sent a wallpaper for your phone from a friend, or a new ringtone! Powers really in your phone!

If you have any interest in anime or VN's, this is a must buy, its probably the best VN on steam.

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