move like a human
i see 1 vac ban
u rly are level 25 steam gaming elite
yh uve got what it takes
ur the community figure that will fill the void
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The Ten Commandments of Left 4 Dead Co-op. Thou shalt read them and be mindful!
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also you can literrly see that I only votect ban him for 2 different kills first of all he freekill me and after he freekill reckt by waygar .
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move like a human Jun 9 @ 4:18pm 
:saviorsjohn: mouse acceleration: on
:saviorsjohn:vertical sync: on
:saviorsjohn:raw mouse input: off
:saviorsjohn:Windows sensitivity: 6/11
:saviorsjohn:800 DPI 1000Hz

v (all Source & Goldsrc games) v

:saviorsjohn:ingame sensitivity 2.2
:saviorsjohn:lerp, rate etc.: default