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» winding in a continuous and gradually widening (or tightening) curve, either around a central point on a flat plane or about an axis so as to form a cone.


» a spiral curve, shape, or pattern.

» a progressive rise or fall of prices, wages, etc., each responding to an upward or downward stimulus provided by a previous one.


» move in a spiral course.

» show a continuous and dramatic increase

☂ History

Spirals are one of the oldest symbols. They symbolize the slow reveal of things that are hidden. It can mean growth and evolution. They could represent people coming back to the same point in their life, but with new and better kinds of understanding. The symbol of the spiral can push the viewer to be flexible and have trust when things change.

"The human mind always makes progress, but it is a progress made in spirals."
Madame de Stael

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