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Roseum Oct 25 @ 7:01pm 
Hi, I trade all my arcanas for any 10 Dota2 loading screens - if you want send me trade offer, I will accept :}
PuaXzz Sep 11 @ 7:23pm 
Mi viejo amigoo... volvi....
me olvidaste?
Al fín tengo un pc algo estable para algun jueguito xD
sub357 Jul 21 @ 9:34pm 
a total♥♥♥♥♥♥who shoots through walls
Klager HX-84 Jun 25 @ 3:27am 
I can give my Fiery Soul of the Slayer Lina arcana for all of your dota 2 loading screens (Im collecting them) so if it's ok for you send me trade offer please. Link in my bio
DeFy Jun 9 @ 8:20pm 
rofl congrats on batttlecup win... OH wait cant do battlecup with 4 players :). Uninstall dota u♥♥♥♥♥♥player
Scavenger Black Jan 29 @ 3:29pm 
Trade Your Cases For Keys! 4 CASES = 1 KEY : {LINK REMOVED}