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Unlocked Dec 28, 2019 @ 9:42pm

Unmarred Corpus

Complete the Unmarred Corpus Heroic Deed (Complete 5 missions without taking any Melee damage) [Tech-Adept only]

Master Datasmith

Complete the Master Datasmith Heroic Deed (Kill 2500 Enemies by your Kastelan Robots) [Tech-Adept only]

Knight of the Cog

Complete the Knight of the Cog Heroic Deed (Kill 20 Elite enemies on your level or higher) [Tech-Adept only]

Cognis Protocol

Complete the Cognis Protocol Heroic Deed (Complete a mission dealing damage only by your Construct turrets on your level or higher) [Tech-Adept only]

STC Specialist

Complete the STC Specialist Heroic Deed (Summon 1000 Constructs) [Tech-Adept only]

Unyielding Legion

Complete the Unyielding Legion Heroic Deed (Complete 25 missions without loosing a Construct) [Tech-Adept only]

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