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Case - Corsair 780T
Motherboard - Gigabyte Z170 Gaming K3
CPU - Intel i7 6700K
RAM - HyperX FURY 16GB
SSD - SanDisk PLUS 480GB
Hard Drive - Seagate 2TB
Fan - Cooler Master RR-V8VC-16PR-R2 V8
Power Supply - Corsair 750W
Monitor - ASUS VG248QE

Moouse - Razer Deathadder
Keyboard - Razer Blackwidow Chroma
Headset - HyperX Cloud II 7.1 Surround/Turtle Beach Stealth 450 Wireless
Phone - Razer Phone
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PàràA Mar 12 @ 6:43pm 
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Swan. Mar 1 @ 12:08pm 
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Swan. Feb 2 @ 10:28am 
+rep Dream Duo.
BanterGames_TV Feb 2 @ 10:02am 
seem like a swell, got your back mynibba
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