fucking weaaboshit

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. . . what happened?
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Savar May 26 @ 4:02pm 
Oh my, it's not even a copypasta. I'm honored to receive this and saved it in case you regret it later. This was the greatest projection show 2020 :)
Scrum May 26 @ 2:30pm 
Imagine being a parent to some 20-25 year old that love nothing more than to watch anime, imagine how they feel and think that they've failed parenting.

I have worked a lot with kids that are outcasts and watching anime, EVERY parent feels like it's their fault their kids are still behaving like a little 12 year old when they're 20.
It's sad what pain you bring to your parents, just because you don't want to grow up and want to keep watching shows made for kids.

Pathetic, grow up.
Scrum May 26 @ 2:30pm 
Insults from someone that most likely smell of sweat, that have greasy hair and who dresses up as his favorite character from a kids show really hurt, I mean, you brought out the big cannon there.
I have NEVER met someone who's watching anime that didn't smell of sweat and had bad skin.

You people are so lost in a fantasy world that you forget about the real one, it's really sad.
And once again, I have never met someone watching anime that became good at anything.
They're inside all day long, getting no experience from anything.
Savar May 21 @ 8:11am 
I saw a notification and I thought "I hope it's that brain dead billy, please be billy"
And here you are, being brain dead on my profile, thank you for the laugh.
Sorry for actual brain dead people btw, no offense intended.
Scrum May 21 @ 7:42am 
Aren't you ashamed of watching anime as a ~25 year old? You should be.
Anime nerds have one thing in common, they are so bad at almost everything they do.

LeGenie Apr 30 @ 11:33pm 
-rep Garbage dude