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Game has circles and you need to make sure the circles have good colors, on top of that they need to be linked.
Posted June 30. Last edited July 1.
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I rarely give out negative reviews for games, but this game definitely warranted one.

Configuration and Settings

To begin the game has little to no configuration options in the menus, if you have headphones prepare to have to manually control audio through your OS's audio mixer. In addition to the configurations I was unable to get anywhere close to my monitors native resolution. I tried the methods Reflect Studios suggested by deleting certain files or CTRL-Clicking the executable to manually set the resolution - no luck. I re-installed the game multiple times, verified files, etc. In the end I ended up playing on a non-native blurry resolution.


A buggy mess with motion-blur forcefully enabled. The sites you browse take ages to load, even longer than the actual tor network in real life. Leading you to dead ends, etc. Which would be fine if the game was playable. In the beginning the lights turned off and I couldn't do anything - I initially thought it was part of the game however the beginning of the sequence glitched. I couldn't pass this zone, I even looked up walkthroughs online to confirm I wasn't missing anything. I walked endlessly and no new scripted events occured, so I restarted the game. On the restart the power was back on but everything wasn't functional. I was able to get back on the PC, then the game said "Game over" and it deleted my game save file and I had to hit "New Game"


A very upsetting experience for what could have been a good game, as it stands with the current unplayability I cannot recommend this game. There are going to be a lot of required updates before I ever reconsider this review.
Posted April 5, 2018. Last edited April 5, 2018.
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Early Access Review
Good development cycles, ever-changing gameplay, and a great game.
Posted October 18, 2017.
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Good game I rate 8/8 mate
Posted November 26, 2016.
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Don't worry no spoilers!

I am honestly disappointed about the plot of the game, without spoiling anything it's very flat, linear, and the plot feels meaningless at the end. I honestly expected more, I felt like I took my time playing the game and yet I beat the game with >2,5 hours. The graphics and voice acting was top notch. The story, story elements, and story content needs improvement - the game simply didn't feel complete. I'd recommend this game simply for the voice acting and artistic graphics but the lack of plot and story would be difficult to recommend at the price of $19.99. I feel like $9.99 may be a more appropriate price.
Posted February 9, 2016.
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