If you want to add me, just leave a comment on my profile. I'll add you as soon as i have free space in my friendlist.
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Nobody Famous Jun 13 @ 7:32am 
Sup man, im dopple in your twitch, i like your videos and id like to give you something. P.s. do you have a mk 11 shotgun already. P.P.S. add me and trade,
B.P.O.R Exe_Red ☭ Jun 11 @ 9:33am 
С такими скаутами и солдатами как сегодня тебе недалеко до психушки :Maddyson:
Emi Jun 11 @ 7:26am 
Hey buddy its me Mario I was medic and I healed you omg my ball are shaking <3
grass Jun 7 @ 6:51am 
add me wanna play whit you :) buttsnbutt
pure Jun 7 @ 6:40am 
Add for i want to play with ya on streams and shit x)
Andre' Jun 6 @ 8:31am 
good game on koth_lakeside