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Game designer, writer (story, screenplay, narrative design). ex-musician. Gamedev since 2007. Specialized in Stealth and SciFi. Currently working on UE4-based, realistic, old school stealth in scifi-biopunk setting - "S3 Project".

S3 Project - a spiritual successor to original Splinter Cell trilogy and mostly Chaos Theory, original Metal Gear Solid trilogy and especially MGS 2 Sons of liberty, original Thief trilogy, Crhronicles of Riddick and Hitman Blood Money.

S3 Project goal is to fuse best ideas of mentioned stealth titles and evolve that to a next level we could achieve with modern hardware... the goals is to revive stealth genre as we knew it before rise of "Conviction" and "Assassin Creed" dumbed down era, and put genre back on realistic and hardcore route.

Looking for passionate programmers that could think outside of box, not familiar with word "impossible" and quite familiar with Unreal Engine 4, procedural animation, advanced AI and Physics coding + GPU accelerated computing.

Also looking for 2D and 3D artists familiar wtih old school sci-fi design and principles of realistic biological and mechanical design.

Looing for investment as well.

If you are interested, send me PM, before adding me to friends on Steam leave a comment on my wall or contact me on twitter or any of sites mentioned bellow:

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Original TRis still better than Rise of Tomb Raider and 2013 in about everything, except for graphics and controls. Classic tomb raider more immersive, chellenging & realistic than new games. Lets compare:
Tomb Raider 1996
TR 2013 + Rise of
Minimalistic UI with only healthbar visible when you hurt and very immersive expirience
Hell lot of UI elements that clutters screen, cant be turned off and breaks immersion
You can fall of cliffs and die, but you still can manually grab ledge when you fall to save yourself, yet you can fall and die if you will stop holding grab button, you are in control of climbing. Every edge you see is grabable and generic rules apply everywhere. Also jumping and grabing requires precision, good aiming and timing of sequence of action (run, or walk slowly, push jump at right place and time, than push grab button at right time and place), one wrong small step or miscalculation of your actions and you are dead. You feel like engineer who tries to calculatte trajectroy or a parkour master who tries jump from one roof to another - it was challenging fun and this actually what tomb raider is about.
You can bump into invisible wall in front of every cliff and will never fall and die if you walk, in 90% of times Lara will just stand, in 10% of time Lara will fall but will autograb edge. Game controls climbing for you, you only need to press direction and sometime press X to prevent QTE fall and death. You can only grab obviously highlighted edges, while rest just ungrabable even it look like one you can grab. Game breaks its own rules like every second! In one second there is invisible wall that prevents you from falling, in another second you expect the same from same object, but this time there is no wall and you fall. Same happens with distance of jumping - sometimes it looks like you could not make it but you can, sometimes its opposite. You never sure about rules of climbing and jumping, Absolutely no need for precision, game autoaims, and if you was not close to cliff you can see forced animation of Lara getting magneted to nearest cliff when she obviously was falling. You feel like re-tarded kid with IQ bellow 0, who only helds gamepad, while adutls nearby actually playing game instead of you and clapping hands when pretending that you did it. You just press forward and press A and game does aiming, grabbing and calculation of trajectory for you. Absolutely no challenge and fun, and core of what made Tomb Raider series that good is ruined.
Immersive tutorial in Lara's home, where she pronounce control tips, nothing shows on screen and no tips appears when you are in rest of levels. No super-man x-ray vision. You need to use your observation skills. Game respects your intelligence.
Tutrorial is Immersion-breaking huge UI that clutters half screeen, pauses game and tells you what to do non stop almost until the very end of game. In 2013 there was x-ray vison forced a lot of times, In Rise of you can turn it off, but tutorial will still annoy you wth tips about it and in some cases game will force slowmo and x-ray vision, no mater what. Game insults your intelligence and treats you like re-tard.
Realistic animations of weapon holstering and unholstering - lara had 2 types of weapons on her body, while you chose active one in (still more immersive and realistic) menu, you can always see both weapons on her body and how she holster one and then uholster another when you change them. Aiming and hell lot of other animations are procedural and while tech is old and framerate of animation not so smooth, transition between animations was realistic and never skiped in-between phasel
Unrealistic weapon spawns right of lara ♥♥♥ - you got pistol in you arm? Bow will magically vanish from Lara's back. You want to use bow? Ok game will make pistol vanish and will spawn bow on her back. Most on animations pre-baked, while they are technicaly smooth, transition between them is chopy and missing in-between phases. Damn it, game of 2013-2015 cant do all types of weapon on body and holster while game of 1996 can! What a shame!
Huge non linear maze-level that looks like real tomb, where 90% of gameplay is exploration, climbing, solving environmental puzzles, backtracking here and there, and only about 10% is shooting, but shooting with strafe- jumping and acrobatics and most of what you shoot was wild animals. And you can see cutscenes only in begining and end of levesl, and rarely in a middle, so basically 99% of gameplay time you actually playing the game and gameplay value is so high you dont even need much of the story to enjoy it.
Tiny linear levels with optional 5-10 minutes long tombs, with no actual backtracking possible in most of them (but you can magically teleport between camps). There are fight arenas between linear exploration sequence. And while at very begining of game you feel like you exploring something in the end you realise that shooter arenas took like 90% of gameplay time. And shooting here does not include any jumping and acrobatics, its generic cover shooter.
To be fair in Rise of they improved a little bit, still linear design but shooting and exploring hubs are like 50\50 now, and they improved stealth system a little so now you can stealth kill everyone in arena instead of shooting. But still you do way too much of killing people and way too little of exploring tombs. Also game is really bad about cut-scenes, about 50% of every level is disguised cut-scene where you need to press X or follow linear path and do nothing else. Too much of cutscenes or pseudo-gameplay sequences like "everything falls or explodes, lara runs, falls, screams, gets deadly injuries but survivise, feel hurt like 1 minute, than forgets about injury and repeats same pattern". You feel like half of time you watching over-the top Crystal Scull clone, instead of playing Indi inspired game original TR was. While movies are about 2 hours long, this Nuked Fridge rollercoster of repetivness gets old really fast and bores you during 10-25 hours its takes to finish the "game". Too much of generic clicheed story instead of gameplay with low value does make it enjoyable.
I remember every memorable music track from original TR
Wait, what, there was music in TR 2013 and Rise of ? I cant remember any!
Lara talks only when its really necessary, and she has nice british accent. Women that talks when they have rational reason and talks only about subject - are pure gold.
Lara talks non-stop to herself, sobs and screems for no reason after every action. She cant do a step without screaming "AAAA" or sobing. Women that talks non-stop without logical reason - just annoying.
Story is simple, but nice and solid, no logs scattered around wolrd, no dissonance between gameplay and cutscenes. It does not annoy you, yet its present in amount enough to keep you enterntained and tell you important things about Lara, goals, and evil guys.
Story is a worse than "Crystall Scull" kind of stupid Rhianna Pratchett's mess. Convoluted, contradics itself, lacking any logic and consistency, it breaks gameplay sequences for no good reason, and worst thing - most of story told via logs irrationally scattered around world as collectibles. This is worst type of narrative design that ever existed in game. If you cant tell whole story in cut-scenes and gameplay sequences in their context, then quit this job!

Cant write more, out of space :-(

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EeuorT Apr 4 @ 5:07am 
Hello. I noticed a group membership request from you.
Smol Cinnamon Roll Mar 5 @ 2:00pm 
Hey Voodooman, I was going through the FFXV forums when I saw you make your post about you set up PrimoCache in order to accelerate your read and write speeds, and it interested me enough to the point to where I decided to implement it in my system. Is it possible if you can tell me how you set up your L2-cache and RAM using Primocache in order to optimize my system? Thanks.
Voodooman Feb 17 @ 8:07pm 
And here is the prove that at before release there was COOP mode in MGSV that was cut: https://segmentnext.com/2015/01/05/mgs-v-the-phantom-pain-might-feature-a-co-op-mode/

And you know there was portals and vocal chord zombies in MGVS that served not much purpose in story and was definetly a left over from cut COOP mode that was developed further and turned int MGSurvive.
Voodooman Feb 17 @ 8:03pm 
Here it is https://www.gamespot.com/forums/system-wars-314159282/kojima-wants-crazy-zombie-game-25384923/ what left of it, there was more expanded version but i cant find it anymore, its 11 years old and Kojima had this online coop zombie open world idea for a very long time it change a little but still core idea idea left overs are exactly what MGS Survive is.
It even had proto microtrasaction kind of thing.

From the article

The zombie idea I have is a bit different...Imagine a large town where half the inhabitants are zombies. Users would subscribe, get inside the town and get bitten. At that stage they become undead and can't control their character - all they can do is modify the camera angles... They'd see their character attacking humans and have to pay just to watch!

The only way they could end it is by opening another account, hunting themselves down and killing themselves. Of course, the problem is that your second character can get bitten as well

You said kojima said he wanted to make a coop game in a comment. can i get a source on that or can you find the interview? Id like to show it to people
SL!M Dec 31, 2017 @ 12:17pm 
Do you still have the color-correction files for MK9?