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Offense of the Ancients - War Paint Collection
Collection by void~
An ongoing collection of War Paints rooted in ancient, mystical, and historical elements - many more to come! All War Paints created by Void and Fuzzymellow.
Nightmare Before Smissmas - Winter 2017 Community Collection
Collection by void~
Happy Holidays! These are the submissions to the Nightmare Before Smissmas community event - an event that brings Halloween and Winter workshop items together to show them in one big showcase. Take a look at what the contributing community has been up to i
Workshop of Horrors 2016
Collection by void~
Happy Halloween! Gaze upon the thrilling works of the Team Fortress 2 contributing community in this year's Workshop of Horrors! Visit the Workshop of Horrors here! ___________________________ Items were added
Workshop Wonderland 2015
Collection by void~
All the submissions to the Workshop Wonderland Community Showcase and Charity Event! Gaze upon the works of the TF2 contributor community from late October 2015 to late December 2015, and support your favorites!
Workshop of Horrors - Ghosts of Halloween Past
Collection by void~
The items of yesteryear for the Workshop of Horrors!
Workshop of Horrors - Unusual Effects
Collection by void~
The Unusual Effects of the Workshop of Horrors!
Workshop of Horrors - Maps
Collection by void~
The Maps of the Workshop of Horrors!
Workshop of Horrors - Cosmetic Items
Collection by void~
The Cosmetic Items of the Workshop of Horrors!
Laugh Addict
Collection by void~
Don't sleep! Clowns will eat you!
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