Aeon Bollig
Contributor to Team Fortress 2, co-creator of 70+ items in the game, as well as Lazarus, Slasher, Monster Bash, and Laughter. Level designer and 3D generalist. Contact me at [aeon.bollig@gmail.com]

If you add me - unless I know you - please leave a comment on my profile regarding the request. Thanks!
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Welcome to the killing floor...

Slaughter is a fast-paced King of the Hill map set in a food processing plant. Navigate the bloodied halls and use the fully-functional conveyor belts to ambush your foes - but watch your step, hazardous meat grinders might
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Created by - void~, juniper, and Diva Dan
pootis spencer Sep 9 @ 12:37pm 
i'm a big fan of your work, particularly the gingerbread mann :)
Modar Sep 9 @ 5:36am 
howdy mate, I need a standin in our team, friend me i can't add you idk why
time to burn furries Aug 26 @ 10:01am 
-rep furry
HobnailedSpark Aug 23 @ 7:49pm 
hey me and my buddies are having trouble with modeling, and I was wondering if you could give us any tips
v1duk4 Jul 31 @ 6:26pm 
Really nice workshop keep It Up !
Lad Jul 11 @ 4:59pm 
I have a question about the map Lazarus