Vlad Dragoiu   Cernavoda, Constanta, Romania

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Worker full time, gamer part time, Romania

CPU: Core i5-6400 6M Skylake
RAM: Corsair Value Select 8GB DDR4
GPU: Inno3D GeForce GTX 1060 6GB X2, 6GB GDDR5, 192-bit

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Discord Tag: Markz#0226
Uplay ID: N4m3l3sss5
Xbox ID: Markz090
League of Legends: markusv90
Origin ID: markusv90

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Permit me, in the name of our Party Congress, to express our thanks to all fraternal parties and organizations whose representatives have honoured our Party Congress by their presence, or who have sent our Party Congress greetings of friendship, for their wishes for our further success and for their confidence.

Special attention must be paid to the communist, democratic or worker and peasant parties that are not yet in power and which must carry out their work under the yoke of strict, bourgeois rule. Of course their work is more difficult. But their work is not so difficult as it was for us Russian Communists in the time of the Tsar, as the smallest step forward was declared a serious crime. The Russian Communists nevertheless held firm, did not retreat from difficulties and came to victory. The same will be the case with these parties.

Why is it that these parties do not have such difficult work as the Russian Communists had in the times of Tsarism?

Because, first of all, they have the example of the struggle and success, as in the Soviet Union and in the people's democratic countries, before them. Consequently, they can learn from the mistakes and successes of these countries and thus ease their work.

Stalin's speech,
14 October, 1952

11/10 for our game. Must keep working!!!
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Kodex Jun 22 @ 6:32am 
Salut imi place profilul dar iti recomand o reteta de oua mangaiate.

Se fierb ouale (indiferent de numar), se decojesc, se pun intr-o farfruie, se farama cu furculita, se pune sare si foarte putin ulei, dupa care se toarna iaurt (nu prea mult) se mananca cu paine de preferabil prajita si acritura, (gogosari sau castraveti acrii)
Se serveste cand vii obosit(a) seara de la servici sau cand iti pierzi noptile pe internet si constati ca ti s-a facut foame si in acelas timp somn si vrei sa mananci ceva usor, bun si repede fara prea multa bataie de cap.

Pofta buna !
Kodex Jun 13 @ 12:29pm 
+rep <3
Ionut King Feb 5 @ 11:27am 
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Acvila Jan 30 @ 6:27pm 
👑 +REP 👑

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MadutzuTM Jan 20 @ 3:01am 
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L-VIRUS™ Jan 16 @ 4:43am 
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