nickname me   Hollywood, Florida, United States

colourist : vizie is whitest boy

20:48:32 White Rice 'ringme: vizie is dad

bot 1: I can only carry aids so far
bot 1: before i succumb to cancer

roy roy the extra handsome boy : You either die a hero or live long enough to see your self become a pyro main.

Juhn: bubble tea is the reason why pyro needs a nerf

*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Just he's fucking terrifying
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Like
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : He can fucking flare shot anyone
*DEAD* Xx Ivretor xX : casual scout
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : from across the map
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Scout ?
*DEAD* Xx Ivretor xX : Yea he can
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Ded
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Pyro ?
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : It's fucking scary
*SPEC* Lethal Cube : Better hide in spawn

*DEAD* Carlo Cong : I SAW THEM


*DEAD* Corduroy : hacks

Sterben : i think vizie is hacking

*DEAD* Cardinal (trade hold) : vizie is such a god

Golden Duck : you are a god at pyro

heh: you're a god as pyro lol

*DEAD* Tobgit Gux : nice aimbot dude

13:31:27 SpockASD #TF2Center: we got vizie
13:31:31 SpockASD #TF2Center: we win

*DEAD* Tiberious #TF2Center : pyro you have some nice ass flare combos
*DEAD* Tiberious #TF2Center : tbh

Luna: i love you
bubble tea: :llama:

<<<<below is an omegaLUL proceed with caution>>>>
3:45 PM - vizie: hello
3:45 PM - -W3E- Kakashi is now Online.
3:45 PM - vizie: why did you add me?
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: Bruh dont be talking to my friend NOOBY like that motherfucker i'll come over there slap the shit out of your gay ass face
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: Motherfucker
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: Getting blocked cunt
3:46 PM - vizie: ?
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: Can go suck my penis and his too
3:46 PM - vizie: lol
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: Yeah hoe ass
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: bitch
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: unfriend me
3:46 PM - vizie: cool
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: lets see who can do it first
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: cunt ass bitch
3:46 PM - vizie: u can do it
3:46 PM - vizie: lol
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: get blocekd
3:46 PM - vizie: idc tbh
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: nah you do it
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: idc either cunt
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: mothetfucker
3:46 PM - vizie: cool
3:46 PM - -W3E- Kakashi: running your goddamn mouth to my friend
3:47 PM - vizie: nice
3:47 PM - -W3E- Kakashi is now Offline.

the day i broke 1200 dpm []

Holy shit colourist I love you thanx for the gift <3 (3/23/18)

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