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You look thirsty honey, TAKE A SIP.

[is alive and has to do stuff because of it] hmmm don’t like that


“It is in your self-interest to find a way to be very tender.”
fuck off me, with ur gay af quotes

23:24 - 9volt: youre the only person i know who uses punctuation after a smiley face

17:25 - vixey✨: what do you have in america
17:26 - Doc Octocock: tragedy

18:40 - Razlik: you're my drinking disney film watching smiley face turkey animal dinner dumb youtube video bad ass friend

01:44 - whoophee: age is weird

23:08 No_abe: vixeycake = Ayla

22:48 - Pezza: hanzo can fuck off
22:48 - Pezza: and the other one

19:38 Pezza: roasted by vixey FeelsBadMan

21:39 - Sam!: vixey you da best lol

23:59 - Space Admiral Laika: "curtains are becoming of you"

20:29 - Whoop: tempas said I should smash your booty

19:45 - tempas: wanna q ?
19:45 - vause✨: na
19:45 - vause✨: taking a break from nauts
19:47 - tempas: when nauts has triggered even the hard to trigger playerbase you know it's gone down hill

15:04 - Jae: USA ----- some shitty country run by an orange

21:26 urboikong: is vicey stoned
21:26 urboikong: or just tired af

0:07 - Blinghound: toxic autistic retards

23:11 - DonRoxon: im eating shit everyday bro

20:35 - 100mrpillow0: is vixey drunk is the sky blue

21:17 Maslink: vixey fucked me up

23:39 - Japiepatatzakie: i need to hear those vixey screams ;w;

17:47 HollaHollaDollaDolla: Letting Paulo explode on you while bonding with DaveW Kreygasm

13:52 – tilde: that's the most retarded thing I've ever heard
13:52 - tilde: OOOPS
13:52 - tilde: I meant to say
13:52 - tilde: german

11:48 vinny_luco_oliver_fox: vix
11:48 vinny_luco_oliver_fox: toast em

2:29 dococtocock: everyones voice is weird and nauts sucks

1:23 vixeycake: edd how tall are you
1:24 AntiMatter_Dynamite: he's 5'perfect

20:53 - Papi: I have the meeting flu, I have to vixeynate myself.

22:35 AntiMatter_Dynamite: damn if vixey is gone there is no reason for me to stay

18:06 - Space Admiral Laikette: VIX

02:52 - Doom Raccoon: disgusting admission but I don't brush my teeth all that often

20:07 - AwesomenautsRumble: tourney chats missed you @vixeycake

18:19 - Sam!: im a hoe
18:19 - Sam!: a slut

21:51 - Razlik: private profile = sad vixey

22:55 - Brushes Shoppe: It's either asking God or you for help and I don't like an idea of kneeling and praying to a guy.

21:38 - LemaitreMusic: Vixey has ZE BEST TASTE

08:46 – tilde "me and vixi decide to go on a diet"

19:15 - vofffer: Hibernationcake

19:53 - Zold: yes people are scary tell me about it

[20:19] Doom Raccoon:
have I seen a ghost??
vixey online on steam
it's a christmas miracle

19:59 - DaveW: vixey asmr Kreygasm

18:30 R a z l i k ★:a lean mean russian machine

...Got more? :hype:

old shit
[02:28:49] <crateria> I was promised cake
[02:28:59] <harrybutchers> vixeycake is here
[02:29:03] <vixeycake> hi
[02:29:18] <vixeycake> but you cant have me sorry

[10:51:46] <vixeycake> girly screams; most effective
[10:52:13] <nikinauts> vixey language tutorial
[10:52:25] <nikinauts> "EH" = "im fucking them!"
[10:52:37] <nikinauts> "AH" = "im getting fucked" :<
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