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This is such a fun little game :)
Posted March 14.
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Early Access Review
Its like playing Dominion. Even with 2 Heroes you can play 100+ Hours with Ascension and still enjoy it very much.
Posted February 17.
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This is really a hidden Gem of Steam. If you know Expeditions: Conquistator you know what im talking about.

If you like hard turn based combat this is a game for you.(Of course you can also play on easy :P) It mixes RPG with mirco management of your party while camping. The difficulty is really enjoyable because you can turn it up a lot. Making replaying it over and over still fun. I have done 5 runs so far. Story wise you also have to do about 3-4 runs to see every possible way it can play out.

Also the Party management is really fun. You can either choose to make your own "Min Max'ed" overpowered mercenary crew or you go with the premade allies you meet, which of course are a bit weaker. Again making your game even harder if you want to.

Overall the two games are some of the most fun i have ever played. Because exploring the Story and diffrent ways it turns out is so fun. I have over 4 Pages in Word with a "story-guide" and its still incomplete because even after 5 runs i still miss small things. In the meantime the hard combat even challenges veteran players like me.
Posted May 1, 2017. Last edited August 1, 2017.
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Well what can i say. I got 1200h+ Hours played. Yes i bought the completely Overkill Pack the DLC's and supported the game. But after microtransactions and more and more DLC's i had to give it a bad review. They were promising free content and instead we got paid DLC's and microtransactions. So Overkill will most likly go on with this trend of money making.

Don't get me wrong its one of my favorite games. But if you are new do not buy it unless you are willing to spend more money on DLC's that will come out over time. Because even with a -75% sale on everything the game with everything costs ~33€. And after some time you maybe dont want to wait for a sale to get the newest DLC.

So what i want to tell you is that you will invest more money into the game. The content is good overall but you will have to pay more than you think.

Also playing with "publics" (people you don't know) can be pretty annoying. It's ok for a while but sometimes you just want a break from them.

So if you want to play it be ready to spend some money on DLC and maybe microtransactions (for Weapon Skins which are cosmetic) and get yourself into a group to play Payday with.
Posted October 15, 2015. Last edited February 28, 2016.
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