Even though some MF dreamcastninja steals 10 years of gaming off my account, I'm BACK, bitches. I'm BACK, and I'm ready to kick some game ass. Primarily into tabletop, computer, and console RPG games, I also dig first person shooters, adventure games, action-adventure, card & board games, strategy games, and casual games. Sometimes dig racing games if they aren't too "sim" to not be fun, and rarely there's a sports, arcade, or sim or other type of game that I'll get into. For the most part I avoid sports games, stealth games, and competitive multiplayer only games.

By day I am a software developer working on enterprise scale custom web applications and services using primarily C#, MS-SQL, JavaScript (JQuery, KO, Telerik, OData, Json), ASP.NET MVC, Entity Framework, Highway Data, Autofac, NUnit, NServiceBus, NBuilder, RabbitMQ, etc. I work in the energy and petroleum transportation sector but also have experience in the financial industry.

Most importantly, I am a father of two boys, 13 and 8, and maybe some day they will inerhit this account and kick some game ass too.
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