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2w.Sovereign: I just know you like physics and Jesus
Lieutenant Lemons: this is why bad things exist
because of jimmy neutron and the forced impregnation of carl

[1:13 AM]
Lieutenant Lemons:
pls eat me

[9:20 PM]
Lieutenant Lemons:
oh no are we getting a diviorce in minecraft

[6:40 PM]
grape juice @ CPH:
the i in iq stands for einstein

[5:28 AM]
Lieutenant Lemons:
Please break my bones

*giggles*: lol your so fucking gay

2w.Sovereign: you're so gay

Lieutenant Lemons: you fucking imbecile

Lieutenant Lemons: oh you fucking idiot

Lieutenant Lemons: end your existance

[3:44 AM]
grape juice:
fuck you
[3:44 AM]
franch citizen:
[3:44 AM]
grape juice:

Lieutenant Lemons: the true gift is eating mcdonalds at 3 am

Kyle: Think about it, 1994 was 65 years ago.

*DEAD* LtLemons : gotcha thot

mojo: goodbye

virgil: hi
Lieutenant Lemons: die

ly: my ass is an all you can eat buffet
and EVERYONE is invited

thought desk, actually table: my demo days will arrive soon enough
thought desk, actually table: one day...
Lieutenant Lemons: lol not if im alive you wont

i was pogchamping: i hit my head :(
Lieutenant Lemons: good

[11:42 PM]
Jonathan (tortoise):

[11:43 PM]
Lieutenant Lemons:

[5:08 PM]
✿ Jonathan (tortoise) ✿:
i'm not joining discord to moan at you

[5:08 PM]
Lieutenant Lemons:
damn shame


thinkin' of beautiful Z

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Twas the end💆‍♀️of Hoevember🍂 Spanksgiving🍁day🌞 And all🌎the Spanksgiving🤗hoes👯‍♀️ were out👀to play😈

Mr. Turkey 🦃👨🏻 Mr. Turkey 🤩🦃 Nice and Fat 🐷 Nice and THICC🍑😳 Give👹me stuffing😤 Give me🐽stuffing🤰 Give me ♥♥♥♥😈 Give me ♥♥♥♥👁👅👁

But poor😥Mr. Turkey🦃 could not🙅🏻‍♂️give his seed🌾💦 For it was “No🙈🥜nut🥜🙈November🍁” To get cumpkin🎃pie🤤 They’d👉have to wait😳 till🍆Dickcember❄️☃️❄️

Mr. Turkey🦃please😖 All the little👧hoes cried😫 If you can’t👎give your seed🌾💦 At😝least ravage😈my behind🍑😍
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i have
started watching
Kyle Oct 20 @ 7:42pm