Level Designer for Source
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Previous work:

2018-Present: Jabroni Brawl Episode 3, Level Designer -

2015-2016: Jaykin Bacon Episode 3, Level Designer -

2013-2014: Faceless, Level Designer -

2012: Biohazard Project, Level Designer -
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🅖🅞🅥🅡🅘🅝 2 сер о 4:11 
finish de_aviv please
IA 11 кві о 0:54 
I wish you the best and truly hope you're doing the best. Stay beautiful <3

IA 3 кві о 0:37 
Hey, it's been a long time since we last talked. I wanted to readd ya and see how you're doing. It's fine if you don't accept. I just hope you're doing alright. <3
Venator 30 бер о 6:41 
Messaging you regarding someone that reuploaded your content.
Peace And Love To All 2 січ о 19:54 
I spoke with you some years ago, I'm rarely on Steam but would like to say hi to you. Hope you've been well.
Osac 29 лис 2018 о 3:27 
Hey, have some questions about your lumbridge map, cheers.