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After many sleepless nights of playing this game I can say with absolute certainty that this is the Citizen Kane of video games. The high graphical fidelity and physics that mimic closely, maybe even mirroring our reality, these are just a few of the things that you would gather from your first minutes in the game. Upon further playing however, you discover in-depth character development and a story that dwarfs any I've seen in gaming or even dare I say Hollywood production. Truly a callback to Shakespearean literary writing, this game is the gateway to the renaissance in video gaming.

Let me move on to the score, I can talk about the graphics that push even my rig to the limits all day, but there are many more layers I must cover if this is to be a review with any credibility. You can tell they didn't skimp out here with some in-house band. The score reminds me of movies of old, with orchestrated symphonies to fit the mood that the story is trying to portray. During some parts of the sub-plot, with the cinematography hitting all the right angles, I was nearly brought to tears as I felt my eyes getting moist during one of what I would call the greatest soundtracks in electronic entertainment.

Without getting into any spoilers, you really get involved and feel like you're with these characters, as you follow your protaganist and his party of rodents, a resistance group known as the "Bad Rats", battle the evil cat overlords. Sometimes even with help from their canine allies. The sense of teamwork and sense of trust you see between the characters truly is uplifting and, again, without spoiling too much, really ties together nicely in the cinematic endgame. Empathy for characters is this game's greatest strength I believe. I never really felt that the cats were truly just mindless bad guys, sometimes you even feel bad for them, but it's for the greater good that you eradicate them, at least that's what you have to tell yourself to get through some of these mind-bending missions.

All in all, I say this game is a definite buy. A steal at this price, definitely pick it up full price or on sale, it is worth it at any price. I look forward to future releases (maybe even a sequel eh? eh?) from Invent4 Entertainment for the next chapters in interactive storytelling.

10/10 perfection.

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