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Play as a dynasty of your choice and plot and conquer your way through the rich history of the European Middle Ages. Getting the hang of this game may take some hours and it is advised to watch or read some tutorials or general mechanics. But getting a grip in this simulation gem is highly rewarding.

Start as an Irish noble, unite the Kingdom of Ireland and create the British Empire by annexing Britain counties. Start as the Norwegian king and try to unite the Scandinavian tribes by spreading the catholic faith. Play as a Greek count and try to claim the orthodox Byzantium Empire - but you end up in jail after a rebellion and being blinded and castrated (!) by your captor. Become a crusader and be granted the Kingdom of Jerusalem by the pope. And that’s only the beginning.

You can spend tons of hours trying to reach your own set goals. Wed your daughters to powerful nearby Kingdoms to gain an ally in a current war until your own grandson tries to steal your son’s crown 20 years later. Let your political enemies disappear by bribing their court. Get rid of your wife after she discovered your affair with a beautiful, lustful courtier. It’s good to be king!
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