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Playing the patience game

+ Large gameplay. (+100h)
+ Enormous role variety.

- One-way road campaign.
- Awful AI.


Every stage is unique, meaning that you will only be able to work the campaign from them once. Now, a little bit more ahead in the game, there are some quests that will enable the character to visit some old scenarios and get to work for some rewards.

The first battle stages will show how the main skills and basic elements of the genre works. I really appreciate that since I'm not an expert when it comes to tactical RPG battles.

Sometimes, I had to fight with a very reduced number of allies, and when it comes to bosses, all the main characters will take part in it. The problem is that that character that arrived later, will be under any ally or enemy level, meaning that they will be very weak, so it's important to make them part of the formation so they can level up too. For example, I already leveled up three main characters to level 99, meanwhile, other characters are still in the 60-70s. Anyway, the enemies level at the end of the game won't be higher than 70, so it wouldn't be a real problem.

Cutscenes can be skipped. I'm not into skipping those, but I got stuck with the same enemy more than once, so this helps. If you skip any cutscenes by accident, there is nothing to worry about; every chapter will be closed with a quick manga-styled resume of the doings there.

There is an option to speed up the combat, but instead of "speeding" it, you can skip skill animations to get some time back. I wish that this part was modified for good since it makes some movements invisible and weird looking. About the controls: unless you map your controls, you will have a hard time playing the game with one of those.

Pretty simple graphics, with no obvious option to upgrade or downgrade to the consumer taste and very repetitive since the only change is the type of environment. This is because of all the war zones being similar, with nothing that highlights them.

Now, the performance is very good. The game will hardly consume more than 300 Mb of RAM.
Sadly, all the difficulty came to an end when I mastered a few skills, highlighting one of them, a skill that heals any ally to 100%, with not a high MP cost and another that causes death to almost every enemy.

AI combat takes out all the fun of the game.
There is an option that can be enabled that will make the allies fight automatically in different styles that are a mix of aggressive, passive and peaceful(support type) however, I don't recommend it at all.
I tried AI for a few battles, and it was a complete waste of time. Characters take three times longer to finish enemies (if they don't get finished first)... managing to reach 45 turns before ending with my allies defeated.

Maybe it is a good tool for leveling up some characters that are not at their max level yet, but it will always take more time to finish an enemy if you use this option.

Content & Prices
If you are looking for content, this is one of my most tactical RPG played games, with more than 100h just to complete the campaign and the sidequest. All of this for just €25.

On the other hand, the game on Switch got a price of €40, but it is voiced in English too.

Not everything is fighting, in almost all rings, there are chests with hidden treasures. Sadly, opening those chests is not as easy as it could be, it will consume an ally turn and sometimes, it will be another trap from the enemy, possibly incapacitating one of the allies. So, knowing that the protagonists cannot go back to most of the visited maps, I extremely recommend taking the risk of opening all chests.

On the other hand, quests are the only thing that can be repeated, opening certain levels to explore and repeatedly obtain the same reward over and over. For example, these quests are the only way to get enough income and unlock achievements like collecting 1,000,000 leaves (game currency).

In general, every stage is easy to clear at first try with the correct abilities. Sometimes, a great group of enemies with a complete set of skills can surround the characters and end in madness, but there is enough ground to evade this situation, and this is probably the first thing to take advantage of.

Every character has a complexity and a semblance that will identify them as warriors, mages or whatever class you can imagine. However, almost every character can use almost every available class in the game.

Final Opinion
The story is very deep and is voiced (in Japanese) but subtitles are given. It takes time to reach the end of this game, way more than usual.

It is not a game that I would recommend for someone whose first time playing this genre would be playing this game, because of the length of it (can feel very heavy) but if you feel like having enough patience it will be a good experience.

RATING: 8.5/10
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