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rarely have time to game anymore
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4d4m 23 JUN a las 5:40 
add me for a quick talk, i have an offer, i couldnt add you for some reason...
BOT#1 GIVEAWAY 13 JUN a las 2:20 
Dear winner!
Your SteamID is selected as winner of Cloud9 giveaway.
Get your ★ Karambit | Doppler on
Zebul 9 JUN a las 12:49 
Hello pal, I've played against you recently and I'd like to invite you in our team. Here's my main account, add me please . We're planning to compete in some tourneys, I think we have good chances with you especially :)
xSKICZ 3 JUN a las 12:33 
Hi, our team went to the finals of a decent tournament, but our player will not be able to take part in this match, we urgently need a stand-in who can replace him.
If we win this tournament, you will receive about $600~
Add my main account, if you're ready to compete
Fortnite plajer 17 ABR a las 16:42 
+rep fun and good player <3 <3 <3 <3
.it is pixels u mad? 25 MAR a las 18:42 
ahahaah get ♥♥♥♥ed now we win without you xD